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Bob thanks for all you have done putting this GREAT WEB together!! I think it will be "THE MOST ENJOYABLE" growing with it, proud to be a member and a part of the Mighty 14th!!! Bob Lund

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I second Bears commendations

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Thanks folks. Going to keep after this thing; like mama lion keeps after her cub! Charles is always nagging on me to get it done! Ya'll have a great day, everyday.

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A great site .... thanks. Though I did not serve in the 14th Regiment, I had a great association with 4-14FA while I was serving with 2nd Squadron, 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment in Bamberg, Germany (1988-1991). The mighty 4-14FA, with it's 8 inch howitzers, served as our Direct Support Artillery Battalion. It was a real challenge for the battalion: an 8 inch outfit, assigned to a Field Artillery Brigade (72nd FA BDE), serving as a DS battalion to a Cavlary Squadron. High adventure, but the battalion performed magnificently! I had many good friends who served in the battalion. Well done!