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Scanning and how it helped !

This morning I get a call that a customer has an appointment she needed to get to and her vehicle wont start. Since we were the last shop to touch her 2013 Subaru outback it was our fault.
She wanted to know if we could drive 27 miles one way to jump her car or see why it wouldn't start?
I have very strict guidelines in place for my staff to follow on every job, scanning is one of those guidelines on every vehicle pre and post.
This vehicle had 16 DTC ( diagnostic trouble codes) that were present before we started the installation. 5 of the codes were in the Body Control Module.
The codes had to do with, voltage drop, power supply system malfunction, airbag, seat belt,electronic parking brake and antilock brake system you get the point!
When our master certified tech talked to her about the codes she knew of some of them and had said she got a recall letter from Subaru on the airbag.
This vehicle is not safe to be on the road in the event there was an accident.
We called the agent and advised her of the situation and she thanked us and also told us it wasn't our problem she had towing insurance and the customer should use it.
This scan and our records saved us from running our tech out to get her vehicle on the road when it clearly had nothing to do with us, being able to prove that is huge. The Subaru dealer in the past has used the you had your windshield changed and the glass shop screwed your vehicle up.
My point is being able to protect yourself from unnecessary liability is huge. Should she have an accident this data we have from the scan would be a huge asset.
Not only to protect our shop of any liability but this information would also help the insurance company.
The insurance company paid for the scan which is part of the job and REQUIRED by Subaru.
I hope this helps all to understand how important a scan is and how it is an asset to everyone.

Re: Scanning and how it helped !

Terry, Donald Trump is in the White House. Clearly it is his fault that the Subaru didn't start. Vote socialist!

Re: Scanning and how it helped !

What are you using to perform the scan?

Re: Scanning and how it helped !

We have the Opti - Aim and we also use Astech. Both have been great investment and we use them in different situations.

Re: Scanning and how it helped !

Good to know. Thanks.

Re: Scanning and how it helped !

Do all insurance companies, or at least all SGC / Lynx companies pay out for this service? Are you scanning every job installed?

Re: Scanning and how it helped !

Yes we scan every job. We get paid for the service and I can tell you it has saved us ton of money on the back end because if you can't prove that your work didn't mess up a customers car you own it.
We photo every job as well before and after. An agent told me yesterday a glass shop was accused of damaging a dash in a customer Chevy Camero. The glass shop said they didn't damage the dash.
Neither the customer or the glass shop has any proof of when the damage occurred. The glass shop may not pay to have that dash repaired however the agent won't refer them to anymore customers. The agent felt like he was thrown in the middle between a mad customer and a vendor.
My point is the more documentation you have the better for all involved.

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