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Duplicate NAGS Numbers

Nags is doing the glass shops and distributors a disservice by duplicating windshield numbers. In the old days you had,for example, a 598. Was it a DW598 or an FW598?. They fixed the problem going forward but then broke it again. Example: 1549 is only a DW1549 and 2011 used to be only FW2011. But now they added a DW2011. Why didn't they just continue the 1st number odd for domestic (ie: make it a DW3011 instead of DW2011)and the even numbers for foreign. That way if it starts with an odd number it will be domestic and if it starts an even number it will be foreign. It not like they will run out of numbers. I called and voiced my opinion but one voice cant a change a big company. Does anyone else get the wrong part delivered because of this? I know they cant fix the current number problems but going forward they can, and it will make everyone in the auto glass industry more productive.

Re: Duplicate NAGS Numbers

I think the capital 'D' and capital 'F' pretty much cover the Domestic vs Foreign usage. If you're using a system that designates parts by number only and doesn't use letters I think the problem is actually with your system not the part numbering method.

Also, what good would changing it do now? Would they try to make it backward compatible or just "from now on.... " Either way doesn't fix anything.

Re: Duplicate NAGS Numbers

Agreed. What could be simpler than FW of DW? I’ve had no issues.

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