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Does anyone have any suggestions on what works well or doesn’t work well with their glassbot? We love the tool Rick, but the lack of a manual doesn’t help your cause. Youtube is only worth so much. With all the R&D that goes into a tool it’s hard to believe you can’t supply a simple Owners Manual with dos and don’ts.

Re: Glassbot

Freddy, sorry to see you up here with this. My bad. I'll give Dan a call to discuss and rectify.
I offer my time anytime for technical support, video conferencing / training / online video reviews, etc. five three zero - 748 - eight eight eight zero.

My sincere apologies.

Rick Nelson
Nelson Glass Tools

Re: Glassbot

I wasn’t looking for an apology or trying to call anyone out. The simple fact is that this is an expensive tool that comes with zero instructions. I figure we can learn the hard way (which is how I started 38 years ago) or I can ask those who are using the glassbot what works for them. That’s what a forum is for, right?

Re: Glassbot

"Freddie" not a problem. Good to go, I sent Dan the newly published Glass Bot instruction / owner's manual just now. The Glass Bot does come with a pretty extensive list of videos on the YouTube Glass Bot Channel so to say it came with zero instructions is not correct. Printed instructions, no, I did not print up any manual to send with the kit.

Winding tools are pretty prevalent now, with over 16 and counting, different models and they all work exactly the same way, they tension a cutting element. As far as how to set up for each individual vehicle that would be difficult to put into an instruction manual or a short video.

Other owners can supply you with information but mostly you will find that the adhesive system and glass part dictate how you set up the tensioning device and what cutting element you should choose.

Hopefully my new instruction sheets will help with this if the charts showing working loads are reviewed and followed. If not, my number is above. Please call.

You did call me by name so I thought you wanted a reply from me.

As always, I'm here to support my customers when and if they post on forums. I also have a FB presence as does Nelson Glass Tools. I also moderate the Auto Glass Tool Talk fb page for open discussions on auto glass related tools and equipment. Please join us.

Re: Glassbot

Thanks Rick. I would still like to hear from anyone who has some experience using the tool. Any tips from anyone?

Re: Glassbot

I'll add some tips not in the instructions, listen to the sound of the cutting element, whether it is wire or filament. It will "tune up" like a guitar string when under load. Learning the sound will prevent breakage.

In tough corners, tension the CE then stop and pull the CE by hand to feel the adhesive, as it slackens under pressure, retention and repeat until you get through the hard section.

If the Anchor / Pulley Cup or APEX are moving under tension, re-position them and or the Bot to reduce angles / forces.

If I get any responses on the FB pages I'll share them here as well.


Re: Glassbot


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