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Re: Disposal Charges

I'm not a member here and I'm not in the industry, I'm just a consumer who did a google search for "SAFELITE HIDDEN FEES" and this thread was the first thing up. I did the search because I used their online quoting system and it has a disclaimer about not including disposal, taxes and fees. I know this thread is three years old but I thought I'd add an outside opinion.

Want to guess who isn't using Safelite BECAUSE of the added fees bull****? This guy. The independent shop a few miles away is $8 more and they are putting my windshield in later this week (I'd rather pay a small shop anyway) I will absolutely go out of my way to avoid anyone that tacks a bunch of BS additional fees onto a price they give me. If it's additional and required it should be in the prices. You can add it on if it's optional, I'm fine with that.

Run your business the way you want to run it but don't for a minute think that it's ethical or honest.

Re: Disposal Charges

this is old news
S L charges a fee because all the other guys send their glass to the land fill
S L send their to be recycled

that is worth the fee

Re: Disposal Charges

I see the dumpster outside of my local s l full of skins and dead windshields. Hmmm. I didnt know you could recycle old urethane beads.

Re: Disposal Charges

Gotta love gimmicks. If you tell a story there’s always going to be a percentage of gullible people who will believe whatever they hear. Even if the recycling is happening that doesn’t help the poor customers who have their cars destroyed by sloppy installs.

Re: Disposal Charges

Okay, that's fine. Safelite charges a disposal fee because they recycle. What about the rest of the guys in this thread saying they add a disposal fee. Y'all packing up those laminated windshields and sending them off to a recycling center?

For the record, guy did the one for me yesterday and I picked it up this morning. He's got a recycling bin full of windshield glass sitting there. No disposal fee or recycling fee on the invoice.

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