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Re: lynx new improved web site

only thing I got out of lynx was a sign , and another sign from that failed prostar program.

Re: lynx new improved web site

I received a State Farm Lynx assignment for a new windshield for a 2017 Toyota Highlander. To do a good job I decided to offer an OE windshield option to the customer, of course they wanted OE. I ordered the part after getting authorization for the windshield and freight. I had to get my daughter to invoice it for me as I am 61 and a tecnophobe and a dinosaur .I liked the fax # I could do that. three weeks later I called just to see what was up and if the invoice went through I was told the invoice had been rejected because I didnt send a proof of purchase (my unaltered copy of the dealer invoice )turns out I was only given a PRELIMINARY authorization I was also told that I would have to resend my invoice . so I went to yet another website and emailed my copy of the dealer invoice. Now to resend my invoice. I was unable to send in my invoice again apparently it can only be done once per claim # .so I made copies of everything and sent them by US mail. soon I received another rejection email because my dealer part # was not the same as the one they picked out and authorized I told the nice lady that I gave the dealer the VIN # and this is what they sold me and it fit perfectly and the customer was driving around and happy.So she called a dealer in Arkansas and sure enough the part number had been updated, then she googled the new part number (the one I said I used and the one on my invoice)and sure enough I was right so she gave me her personal email and had me send her another copy and she fixed it for me at this point I think I told her she was wonderful and I loved her as for the 2 previous csrs thet snotted off to me and hung up I expect no less from the mafia so hopefully I will someday get paid for the last Lynx job I will ever do. PS I was told that once an invoice is rejected it cannot be reused so I asked if they threw away my invoice and was told no ,So you still have it?I asked no we dont have it . So you threw it away? no we just dont keep them as they cant be reused this went on until I was hung up on . I wish I could properly thank the one good csr they have but I would probably get her fired . but thanks D you know who you are ... Kevin from Windshields For Less, soon to be unemployed.

Re: lynx new improved web site

Why do you do this to yourself? None of what you did was necessary and giving them an invoice showing your cost is unbelievable. Next time you have a set of tires installed or ANY service work done tell the retailer he must show you what he paid for parts. Good luck with that. After describing how you dealt with this invoice I think you signed off correctly.

Re: lynx new improved web site

obviously you know something I do not so please tell me how to collect from state farm and lynx services without doing each and everything they want .I have been doing this for 30 years and have made alot of money but it just gets worse every year and I am so sick of it and believe me I ask myself every day Why am I doing this??

Re: lynx new improved web site

I charge the same retail price that I charge all insurance companies, I bill directly, and when they short pay I collect the difference from SF.

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