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Urethane Tracing Tool

Does anyone know of a Tracing Tool for help applying the adhesive bead on the bottom of windscreens before setting.

I vaguely remember such a tool perhaps from LilBuddy some time back that assisted in tracing the adhesive line from one glass to the other on windscreens where the adhesive curves around vin plate and complex curves. I understand some glass has dots to assist, but most generic glass in Australia does not.


Re: Urethane Tracing Tool

Never....EVER!!! had a problem glueing bottom on body and top 3 on glass...
But i HAVE seen a tool as dwscribed being used.... online.
If i find it ill pass the link

Re: Urethane Tracing Tool

Iv used this method too. And have mostly used the adhesive on the body method for 20+ years with few problems that I know of. That said, id prefer to use adhesive on glass these days. I also know of a large organisation who uses the 3 sides method, so it must be reliable.

However, the 3 sides method means you need to take a leap of faith that the two joints will marry when you install. It also means more adhesive in the corners and extra inches of product. Im sure this method is fine and certainly poses no structural risk. Perhaps there is a small possibility of wind noise should the two joints not marry.

Perhaps others can share their preferred method.

Re: Urethane Tracing Tool

If your joints don't meet up then you hope the bead on the glass somehow diverts the water correctly or you will have ever ounce of water that comes down the rail enter into the cabin area !!
Full bead on the glass is best but you do need to make sure beads line up and you don't create a headache for yourself with huge glob of urethane at the joints for your next replacement in a few years on the same job especially if your doing fleet trucks/cars

Re: Urethane Tracing Tool

I have just used a black marker to copy old and new glass bead. A fiber stick works well for measure on the fly

Re: Urethane Tracing Tool

I use a yellow grease pencil and measuring tape. Using VIN window as starting point I measure old W/S every 6" and transfer to new glass; never had a problem. I also made a couple of patterns from clear plastic that I could tape in place to mark the line, worked great for the DW1640 when they were popular.

Re: Urethane Tracing Tool

use a compass or dividers from geometry class

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