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Has anyone ever called TPA's or insurance companies to complain about ridiculous pricing? Just wondering if anyone does?

Re: complaints?

No, wally, no one has ever complained to TPAs or insurance companies or networks or NAGS about ridiculous pricing. Actually, I don't think it's ever even been discussed here.

Re: complaints?

They call me the king of sarcasm, but I got nothing for this one.

Re: complaints?

And here we go....

I am simply trying to start a movement of glass shops.

Vinnie, Freddy have either of you ever call an insurance company and actually talked to the manager of glass claims? Have you ever tried calling the head of Lynx, HSG? I'm not asking if you made some smart comment on a glass forum.

Freddy, sounds like your a pretty important guy, with people referring to you as "the king" and all. Could you please let us in on your secrets? Are you billing direct, using AOB's or just doing cash jobs. Who are your contacts with the major carriers? Who are they with the networks. Please your Majesty, let me know. You hold all the answers...

Vinnie, you must have some secret info too! Could you please share? We all want to be as successful as you.

Re: complaints?

Seriously, wally, you are trying to reinvent the wheel and you are boring. This stuff has been hashed over hundreds of times on this forum. If you don't want to look up the old threads and see the discussions, than go away quietly and don't waste my time or Freddy's or anyone else's.

Re: complaints?

Ok, Vinnie lets play!

Where on this site have you explained any of this. Please don't tell me you "bill direct and get paid what you bill. Let us in your secret formula! Please guide me in the right direction. Who should we be calling at let us say, Lynx? Who did you talk to at State Farm, Geico or Allstate?

I will calmly wait for your next insult.

P.S. I found my own answer, here is your explanation.........
Feb 20, 2018 - 7:29PM
Quote Reply Re: Raising my prices to keep up with rising costs
Exactly XN. Charge what you’re worth. When you charge low prices that indicates you realize you’re no better than your competition. If so don’t whine or make excuses. We do superior work, charge accordingly, and when we’re short paid we collect.

Re: complaints?

Goodbye, wally.

Re: complaints?

Thank you Vinnie! Now maybe someone who will answer questions instead of throwing insults and B.S.


Re: complaints?

Has anyone ever called TPA's or insurance companies to complain about ridiculous pricing? Just wondering if anyone does?
Come on man...

Wally is asking decent questions and deserves decent answers. Either be nice and be helpful OR be quiet.

Re: complaints?

No insults, but as Vinnie stated correctly, if you use the search feature these questions have been hashed over multiple times. I do bill directly, I do get paid in full often even though I charge considerably more than networks allow, and when I’m short paid I take the steps necessary to collect. Some of my best posts have been deleted of course, but please do your homework before you ask questions.

Re: complaints?

Hi Wally,

Forget about complaining over the phone. It is a waste of time.

Make sure you don't shoot yourself in the foot by signing a network agreement especially one that requires you to give up the right to set, or at the very least, negotiate, your prices. (If by chance you already have, you can terminate it by giving the TPA or insurer written notification.)

Never call a TPA or an insurer to get "permission" to do a job that you have every right to do.
Only call for one reason and that is to verify coverage and determine what the deductible, if any, may be.

Take and save pictures of every job, no exceptions. Before AND after pictures are best.

Have the customer sign a "request for service" that designates your company as their official representative for the claim process including the first notification of the claim and the right to collect your bill in full directly from the insurer including the right to sue the insurer in your company's name, in the customer's name or both.

A proper "request for service" is a must and should be approved by your attorney. It needs to be worded properly for when you get short paid and have to take the insurer to court. It will be evidence.

You can fax, email or snail mail copies of your request for service, invoice and pictures directly to any insurer. (Don't come on here and ask for addresses and fax numbers.)
That is your job. Get it from the customer or google etc.

Pricing is your right to set. Insurance policies agree to pay "reasonable" prices. Be able to justify your prices.

You will probably have to pay court costs and attorney fees up front, but since these are indemnity claims, the nature of an indemnity is one where legal fees incurred by the indemnitee should ordinarily be reimbursed by the indemnitor, as one component of losses or damages within the scope of the indemnity.

Do your homework. It is your livelyhood. Good luck.

Re: complaints?

Thanks Davey,

This is the info I was talking about, very informative!!


Re: complaints?

Davey’s advice is fine, but nothing that hasn’t been discussed here multiple times. All I’m saying is use the search feature and there’s a lot to be learned. Don’t enjoy homework? Then you’ll probably keep doing what you’ve always done.

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