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ADAS Re-calibration - Input for 2018

There has been a lot of previous threads about this topic, but I would love to hear feedback on what all has been learned having it now be Mid 2018.
A lot of these newer vehicles have some or many of these ADAS systems on them. Some are said to be self calibrating, others not (a hidden secret on which exact vehicles). Dealers tell me they it has to be done only by them (their hidden secret?). Other installers or Companies are buying Opti Aim and are perhaps doing it in driveways.
If some are doing their own re-calibrations, are you running into any trouble voiding factory warranties. Do you take the liabilites? If so, Are you worried about the liabilities? I'm also getting a bit concerned that aftermarket glass is now available for some of these vehicles with the ADAS systems such as Forward Collision Alert and Auto Braking among others. Dealers and myself will not use aftermarket at this point for liability reasons. Insurance may not cover these OE windshields much longer, which in turn will bring a larger cost burden to the owner of the vehicles for the repairs. Yep, I know that's not our problem. Just trying to discuss and get a feel for what everyone in this industry feels about this and what you have learned.

I have to say, some smart manufacturers stayed up all night to figure out how to make more $$$. Change part numbers more often so Mitchell/NAGS can't keep up. OE Only... Gotta buy that WS from us. (I say that because a lot of dealer parts are not even in my system anymore to match a NAGS equalvalent for these newer cars and I don't think dealers are disclosing any superceded parts sometimes)

Re: ADAS Re-calibration - Input for 2018

Here's my latest situation; I hope others will chime in as this is a learning experience for all of us.

Please guys, in this post, please leave out the "I don't participate with SL or Lynx, I bill direct stuff..." I'm glad you're able to do that, but some of us must deal with the TPAs whether we like it or not.

The other day we replaced a DW2024GTY in a 2014 Chev Impala (LDWS, FCA) for a State Farm insured using a PGW glass and all went well until the dealership tells the insured that the windshield "failed" while attempting re-cal. I talked to the tech who claims that his equipment stopped the re-cal midway with the failed report, he attempted again with the same result. So this is a not a situation of refusal by the dealership to re-cal because the glass was not a dealer glass.

After talking to LYNX, they say normal procedure for SF is to have the glass shop re-replace the windshield again with dealer glass and what they pay for is the difference in dealer list and NAGS list less their discount. It doesn't take a Harvard Business School grad to figure that you just did two windshield replacement jobs and at best broke even or probably lost money.

Re: ADAS Re-calibration - Input for 2018

GM does not require recalibration and are self calibrating
not sure how or what the dealer did but it wasn't right.

Re: ADAS Re-calibration - Input for 2018

GM does not require recalibration and are self calibrating
not sure how or what the dealer did but it wasn't right.


Please document your source that "GM does not require recalibration..."

Re: ADAS Re-calibration - Input for 2018


GM seems to think differently. The problem with ADAS and calibration is not with performing the actual calibration, but with people spreading false information. Over a year ago, GM released a technical bulletin that ALL GM vehicles require recalibration when a windshield is replaced. BTW..."Self-calibrating" vehicles do not exist.

Of course it is easier to keep your head in the sand than to simply Google information....

Here is a copy of what GM says about their vehicles.............

Posted on May 18, 2017 Share: Author: Jake Dembroski Print
New Calibration Requirement from General Motors
There is new information available when it comes to windshield replacement on General Motors (GM) vehicles. In the past, forward facing camera calibration was not required when replacing the windshield. Let’s take a look at the new requirement from GM.

GM has changed the calibration requirement of the forward facing camera, which GM refers to as the “frontview camera module”. The new requirement for the entire GM vehicle line is to calibrate the forward facing camera. Per our contact at GM, the forward facing camera must be calibrated when:

the windshield is replaced or R&I
the camera bracket is replaced or R&I
the FCM is replaced
if directed to by a service bulletin
This new requirement can be found in the vehicle-specific Control Module References under Front View Camera Module Programming and Setup. The OEM Calibration Requirements Search and the OEM Glass Replacement matrix have been updated to reflect this change.

For more information on GM vehicle, check out the following OEM Information pages:

Re: ADAS Re-calibration - Input for 2018

Funny,not true. We did a new Cadillac that had aftermarket glass in it. It would not recalibrate nor function properly for the Cadillac dealer. They purchased a new gm glass paid us to install and all worked as it should after completion.

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