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Still Holding

Still on hold. SGC Network 57 minutes now. Jeez, What a disservice.
Gone Bad to Worse.

Re: Still Holding

I refuse to call them. You can hold for hours and you’ll never resolve anything. Just deal directly with the Ins co and when they tell you to call SL just say no. Tell them why, and if you still have issues sue the Ins Co. It takes less time then being on the phone with SL. If you’re on the SL network disregard what I just said. Membership has its privileges.

Re: Still Holding

Freddy, Have I mentioned before, we need a "like" button in here? LOL


Re: Still Holding

No. Not an affiliated shop with that one sided agreement. Problem is I know it is Dealer only and it will be approved. I guess 1 hour is better than tracking down anyone in any Insurance Co. that knows how to handle glass claims (not), and thus be directed to the Network. SGC told me 2 times within 2 weeks that they are training 20 new people in which it would take a week, which is the reason for the wait time.
Only 20 and not trained within the week.

So many complaints also from our customers when they get funneled to the SGlass network to make a claim.
Hope Insurance Companies are listening.

Re: Still Holding

Why do you need “authorization “ from SL? Use dealer parts if you need to, document why, and bill accordingly. Does your insurance company ask your approval when they raise your premiums? I didn’t think so. I will never ask my competitor for approval on how to charge.

Re: Still Holding

I like how everyone always says that but no one is ever willing to elaborate or help on that issue.

Re: Still Holding

Problem is a lot of claims come to me after the insured called the claim in (which in turn got funnelled to a network and I have not spoken with said customer yet) So now what. When the network calls me and says they have a policy holder on the back line that would like to use your services. I am to tell them what? I guess I'm suppossed to tell them I direct bill only? Only problem is that they wont release the claim # or policy info. I've tried that, and they say "this insurance co handles all glass claims this way - no option to direct bill and no I can't give you policy info and thus assume I am refusing the job. So now that the customer has already called in a claim which got funnelled to a network, what are we to say to them? Go through another hoop of fire to get this claim set up? Love the input. But not really getting any answers. Also since replys are always mentioning " Who is contracting for repairs?"

Mark1, I know you had a really good post in the past on this" Who is contracting for repairs?" issue. I know that if the insurance co's opt out of that option, that only then they cannot dictate price. But is there a definitive law that states this that I could use to give to our customers when they are battling claims pricing? If so, can you please send me a link or post.

Thanks. Havent posted in a bit. Nice to see you are still here Mark1

Re: Still Holding

How many non-Safelite shops actually want to participate in Safelite's "network" knowing that they are endorsing the Safelite brand over their own company, knowing that they will have to deal with their own direct competition during the claim settlement process, knowing prospective customers will be directed to their direct competitor to be brainwashed before being allowed to speak to the their shop which actually earned the customers choice and finally, knowing that they will necessarily give up the right to set their own prices if they join the "network"?

If you don't want to participate, make sure your state department of insurance, state reps and state attorney general know how you feel i.e. that you are being coerced into participating!

Currently all the powers that be have been bamboozled into thinking that your participation in Safelite's scheme is totally voluntary.

Re: Still Holding

More than likely SL is only calling because your customer requested you. If you see SL on caller id don’t answer. SL will have to tell your customer they can’t get ahold of you, and your customer will call you. You’re correct, when you tell SL you don’t accept their pricing they will lie to your customer and tell them you turned down the job or that if your shop does the work they will have out of pocket expense. Make sure you get an assignment, and be sure it’s valid in your state. Do the work. Done deal.

If your customer’s agent calls saying SL can’t get ahold of you just ask them for the policy number, etc and let the agent know you’ll get your customer taken care of. Trust me, this works.

Re: Still Holding

One hour and twenty five minutes and still going.

Re: Still Holding

Instead of posting here, call the insurer involved and ask to speak to a claims supervisor. File a complaint with the supervisor about how bad their TPA is performing. If everyone files a complaint the insurer will have to do something.

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