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Replaced a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee and later that day the customer complained the rear view mirror came off. We go and look at it this morning and the bracket came unglued from the windshield. The distributor claims they have been having problems with pilkington windshields either having too much glue and the windshields are cracking or not enough glue and they are falling off.

Here's the information off the windshield

Pilkington EZ-KOool Plus
DOT 177

I'm just curious if anyone else has had these problems and if you haven't beware this could potentially be an issue for you. I have to pay labor twice now to have another piece of glass installed and now may end up with a negative review online to boot.

Re: DW02028 GTY PLK

DW02274 entire mounting bracket fell off 5 minutes after the part was installed. Say what you want about FYG we've never had a bracket/hardware fall off one it's always PILK or PGW product.

Re: DW02028 GTY PLK

Sounds to me like I'm going to use FYG for now on until further notice. This is ridiculous. I have a warranty to honor and how is a person supposed to stay in business and be profitable if they are paying a premium for OEM Pilkington glass that's defective. This is a big problem.

Re: DW02028 GTY PLK

For us it's PGW most of the time, Pilkington is running a close second. Pitiful product quality out of both of these companies over the past few years. Probably gonna get worse, not better.

On a more practical note, we have found a way to reduce the rearview mirror problem. Buy a needle point oiler or use WD-40 and lube the ball joint and work it a bit before re-mounting it. This will help reduce pressure put on the mirror button when adjusting.

Re: DW02028 GTY PLK

That is true with the fyg the only problem is they put the brackets in the wrong place like on the Dw2041

Re: DW02028 GTY PLK

Dot 177 is from their Mexicali, Mexico plant.The majority of their aftermarket glass comes from that location...

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