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Cost of doing business going up?

This is interesting our costs continue to go up but the insurance companies and tpa's
continue to try and scoop more off my plate.
Folks this is the kind of ammunition you need when determining when justifying your
What is your cost? It seems to change as everyone else increases annually so you need to adjust accordingly.
These are just a few examples I pulled off this site.
Now I have my building cost's, legal, accounting, gas, supplies, labor, advertising,
these are just to name a few.
Folks you need to wake up here and bill what you are worth and to make a profit.

1.Valued Service® AutoGlass Customer,
Due to the price increase recently announced by our primary urethane suppliers as a result of rising costs of raw materials, a market price increase will be implemented with an effective date of Monday, February 19, 2018. Products that have been impacted are as follows:

2.Auto insurance rates have skyrocketed — and in ways that are wildly unfair
Auto insurance rates have increased at more than twice the rate of inflation recently, with premiums hitting a national average of $1,427, an online marketplace has found.

3.Pilkington Announces Price Increase for all Auto Glass Products
Due to rising costs of OE-quality automotive products and services, Pilkington NSG announced it was driven to increase the price of all of its auto glass products by 7.5 percent, according to a recent release from the company.


Re: Cost of doing business going up?

Sure, and I bet you don't constantly price shop, expect 5 deliveries per day from the wholesalers and have had nothing to do with the irrationally low market pricing and always agree to this notion when your suppliers try to make a reasonable living.

Re: Cost of doing business going up?

Hey Nimby WTF

Re: Cost of doing business going up?

Nimby is right. (Even though I don't see why he brought that up...)

We should all continue to harass the wholesale glass suppliers, and ourselves, while we continue to supply cheaper lower quality products to our consumer customers, in order to subsidize the insurance industry.

They need the money to help keep rates down, for the good of all consumers.

Oh, wait a second, lower quality isn't good for the consumer...but, oh well, lower insurance rates are. And we all know how much the insurers are struggling. I can post some reported profit numbers for some top insurers if anyone would like.


Re: Cost of doing business going up?

Spot on Mark. With poor insurance companies struggling to make a profit I’m all for lowering my prices to help those poor guys out. After all, how are they going to afford to pay their CEOs millions each year? We wouldn’t want those guys to suffer.

Re: Cost of doing business going up?

Here's part of the problem:
DW02040 GT Y $1,695.99 $411.75

Why don't the manufactures have a come up with a realistic MSRP? You do the numbers, they use pricing structures from the late nineties, before the 1st benchmark. Or is that they need that numbering system also?

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