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Nags Update For Carlos

Carlos,Does Farmers,Amfam,Allstate,Progressive,Geico,Ect.

pay your invoices using a non Nags Forulma,or do you get short paid and have to sue

for the short?

Re: Nags Update For Carlos

Dude,AG asked a simple question can you help us all out and let us know if your

magic formula really works. If so where can we buy the rights to that formula?

I have been in the industry for 35years and can tell you your only going to collect

through the courts......

Just Sayin

Re: Nags Update For Carlos

AG and The Dude i guess you silenced S AAAAAA Carlos.

I was always wondering about these non Nags Users if they really get paid straight

from the insurer or do they fight it out in court on every invoice.

Hey Carlos you still out their spreading propaganda?

Would love some feed back.

Re: Nags Update For Carlos

Carlos is not alone in his claims. There are others, My Own Man, Freddy, AG, The Donald, Bob, Mark1 AND more that claim to billing direct. Please guys one or more of you please tell us how you do it; answer the question fully, don't just make empty claims here on the forum!

Re: Nags Update For Carlos

My very dear and good friends THE DUDE, AUTOGLASS AZ, AND NIFTY 10,

DOES THIS SPELL IT OUT FOR YOU????????????????? Or do you just prefer to moan, groan, and bellyache??????? ----------

1. I have a glass cost

2. I have rent, electricity, water, and phone expenses. I have vehicle expenses. I have employees who get paid fair wages.

3. I have INSURANCE to pay for my vehicles, liability, workman’s comp, property, business interruption, etc.

4. I also get a pay check from my business just like if I was working for someone else.

5. Now instead of running a business, I could take all the money I have invested in my business and all the expenses of the business and throw that money into the bank and receive a really lousy interest rate and go to work for someone else and have a lot fewer headaches.

6. But I DO OWN a business, and therefore want not just “profit”, I want a reasonable ROI--- return on investment. If I am not going to achieve a reasonable ROI, than I will fall back on #5.

7. I take all the above elements and I ADD an amount of money that yields me my reasonable ROI without influence of outside budinskies like NAGS, insurance companies, or TPAs and that is my retail selling price to my customers whether they have insurance or not. And guess what folks– I AM THE ONLY ONE who decides WHAT IS REASONABLE FOR ME!

My company does quality work and enjoys a justifiable excellent reputation in my community. I do not participate in networks and I submit my bills directly to ALL the insurance companies which my customers have coverage with. ALL. One more time: ALL. I do NOT send the bills to my competitors for processing or payment because I am a businessman, not an idiot.

So— everyone wants to know how I pull off this “magic”----

When I started in business years ago using these 7 steps right from the getgo, I was short paid by insurance companies EVERY TIME. And each and every time, we went to court. And each time, we showed the judges all the components of our selling price and thereby DEMONSTRATED to the judges that the selling price was indeed reasonable. We never lost our cases. NEVER. One more time: NEVER.

Yes, folks, this went on for a l-o-n-g time. A very l-o-n-g time. But instead of the insurance companies wearing me down, I FINALLY WORE THEM DOWN! Now I send ALL insurance companies my reasonable bills and I am paid in full. One more time: IN FULL.

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