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SGC Requires Manufacturers Technical Bulletin (Front Camera Learn Recalibration)

I cannot find where to acquire one of these manufacturers bulletins that SGC now requires to authorize payment on a front camera learn recalibration. Anyone know where these can be acquired? Thanks!

Re: SGC Requires Manufacturers Technical Bulletin (Front Camera Learn Recalibration)

Why should it make a difference whether or not a Manufacturer's Tech Bulletin requires it? YOU are assuming the liability for the car leaving your shop with, or without a recalibration.

IF you perform the service as a part of the proper repairs to the car, it is up to the insurer, or their TPA minion, to either deny it, and state clearly why, to their insured, or to pay the bill.

If they are going to deny payment, they are required to state why. If they are going to state it isn't required, THEY assume the liability for that decision, and lack of payment.

The repairer has fiduciary responsibility to the property owner to properly repair the property. NOT to the insurer to validate the repairs. If the insurer suspects fraud, they can accuse the shop of performing/charging for unnecessary and/or fraudulent repairs.

Think for a second: IF they HAD a valid reason to DENY recalibration, for any vehicle in question, don't you think they would simply DO that, rather than make YOU provide validation that it's required? Who is pulling whose liability chain, here?

Charge for what you do, and DO what you charge for.

Of course, this is all JMHNLO.

Re: SGC Requires Manufacturers Technical Bulletin (Front Camera Learn Recalibration)

All you need is a snipit from the service manual for that vehicle. I called Pilkington and they gave me a version... Also you can get a day pass for the vehicle manufacturer and loo up the requirement that way... (about 10$ per day depending on the web site...)

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