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Direct bill Only

This is the only way to be competitive in this business DIRECT BILL ALL INSURACE COMPANIES.......................................................
Never cave in to the RIGGED SYSTEM

Best Regards

The Donald

Re: Direct bill Only

How do you direct bill? Every time I have tried I get re routed BACK to safelite.

Re: Direct bill Only

How do you direct bill? Every time I have tried I get re routed BACK to safelite.

You're a Safelite troll, "AUTOGLASSLADY", and it shows in this post and your other one.

Re: Direct bill Only

I'm not a troll, but you wont believe me anyway. I will figure it out myself just figured I'd ask since he/she put it out there, and I heard they do that a lot on the east coast. no trolling here just an Auto Glass Shop Manager looking to make some more money for myself.

Re: Direct bill Only

Glad your your not working for me Auto glass lady.

You stated you are the office manager for a glass shop and want to direct

bill so you can make a little extra money for YOUR SELF.


Re: Direct bill Only

Oh for heaven's sake, let's be NICE, Folks.

AGL: There is no secret formula. Billing direct can be like pounding a rock. Eventually, it'll break. No one told you it'd be easy.

HOWEVER, In many cases, the rock broke a long time ago, you're just not supposed to know about it. Three guesses why, and the first two don't

Check your State DOI, find the references to what insurance companies do biz in your state, contacts and addresses and phone #s can be found there frequently, easily, sometimes, not so easily.

IF the contact info is good enough for State DOI's to reach insurers, shouldn't it be good enough for claimants to file claims? Hmmmm....yep.

Many will say, it never hurts to mention that you don't want your proprietary business and billing/pricing information to be shared with other companies without your explicit consent; opinions on that vary.

OH, and BTW, despite what you've been told, might be told, will be told, or what some would have you believe: you're NOT the only one, not even close.


Re: Direct bill Only

Well it would be hard to steal seeing as the checks aren't made out to me or deposited into my bank account. I meant more in a commissions way. But you're THE DONALD you're sooooooo SMORT!!! Get out of here.

Re: Direct bill Only

Thank you Mark

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