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Educating the Industry about NAGS

Use NAGS benchmark prices and you really, really deserve what happens to you.

Re: Educating the Industry about NAGS


Where the heck is the LIKE button in here? No, wait, I need the "I Love it!" button.


Re: Educating the Industry about NAGS

alternatives to such a thing?

Re: Educating the Industry about NAGS

Get ready to write this down, it's a bit it comes...


Just like every other business besides those influenced by the insurance industry does it.

You didn't really think "Foot Locker" used NTSS (National Tennis Shoe Specifications) to price their shoes, did you?

You didn't really think that Kmart has to get a "fax" from WalMart to tell them what they can charge for their products, did you?

I can go on, but I trust you get the point.

And no, I didn't say it was easy. NOT saying no was easy, and look where it got you.


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