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Saturday Night Live's parody of Safelite ad

Believe me, I am no lover of Safelite!! But I just saw the parody for the first time and I cannot believe the colossal gall and incredible stupidity of SNL for doing it. If the lawyers for Safelite launch a suit, they could bag SNL for millions on this. They ought to.

Re: Saturday Night Live's parody of Safelite ad

Safelite gets what they deserve for screwing the usa market with their unfair tactics of price fixing. SNL makes fun of everything and everyone they want to so lets just enjoy it!! S-lite does have a lot of creepers and lets not even talk about how they ignore their drug testing. Any state that has legal mary jane laws is where they looks the other way and act like "oh were sooo professional"

Lets not worry about who makes a slapstick comedy of these guys and if there is a civil suit for defamation it should be against them for telling millions of customers that "your" glass shop is not approved to do Ins. work unless you in there pool of "preferred shops".

AGR shops have had to fight their steering and false info for years!
1. Cant fix more than three dings in a window
2. You only get a warranty if your a pref shop
3. Mobile service is safe! yeh right !
4. There repair system is the best? hahahahahaha oh gosh
5. how many years did they pump out crap sgc glass!
6. telling Ins. agent they fix the dings for free.
7. cracks longer than 6' are NOT repairable, they cant repair them because they are not the leaders in the repair industy!
8. illegal price adjusting to the Ins. industry, they are not claims adjustors!

There are many other reasons we should be happy they get some crap slung their direction.

Re: Saturday Night Live's parody of Safelite ad

While I agree with you, that the spoof crossed lines that should not have been crossed, I would remind you of one pertinent fact, one that I was reminded of when I expressed my above opinion, just as you have. I couldn't help myself but agree.

Safelite fought tooth and nail in MN to have a judge say that their scripts, while "potentially misleading", were not "inherently misleading". We should all know what the meat of those scripts contained. Feel free to research if you don't, it's not hard to find.

That being said, as I stated above, I couldn't help but agree that the spoof by SNL, was indeed "POTENTIALLY misleading", but not "INHERENTLY misleading".

Conclusion: Cliches: "Be careful what you wish for, you may get it", and, "What's good for the goose, is good for the gander".

I found it very interesting that someone quickly convinced YouTube to pull the videos, but not NBC. I also wonder just "whose" influence was being brought to bear to do so? Think about that for a moment, and "follow the money" (if not influence) when contemplating the answers. Yes, answers, plural. If you think it's only SGC, you haven't thought this through.

Just some food for thought, and as always, JMHNLO.

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