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nags pricing

who makes up these prices. all vendors go up 5 % we drop our list prices i've been in this business for more than 35 years I work harder than i've ever done before in my life to only make less money in the last 5 years than i've ever made in my life. I've given my life to this business only to be crapped on over and over. might as well been a democrat I could draw a check get free housing and food and have more money in my pocket than I have right now. how do you feel??

Re: nags pricing

Where have you been the last seven or eight months, ky? NAGS has been ripped apart on posts here and the consensus of most of the posters is that people who follow NAGS prices deserve what they get! Look back,ky, because your complaint today is like thinking you invented the wheel.

Re: nags pricing

Really makes you wonder what that Texas lawsuit will bring doesn't it?

I've already got my "prognostications" in play, and I'm betting that the Farm will toss the shop under the proverbial bus, adopt the defense strategy they used in Avery (in which that case is near $10B now, I believe, and just WON'T go away) where the Farm said "We don't repair cars, we only pay to have them repaired...".

Of course, that's not really "entirely accurate", they don't repair cars, true, but they don't pay to have them repaired either. They pay to indemnify consumers against a loss. By not repairing cars, OR paying to HAVE them repaired, they assume no liability for those repairs, or the price they "dictate", the repairer does.

We shall see....


Re: nags pricing

If you don't like nags prices why do you follow them? Grow a pair and run your business your own way and avoid networks unless they are willing to pay YOUR prices and avoid tpas by billing direct and take insurers to court if they short pay you. Why do you let a freaking outside agency like nags impact you?

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