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Defective Glass

What does everyone ask for from your distributor when you have to return and re-do a replacement due to defective glass? Do you ask for labor and materials? Just materials? We have had three this year and I am tired of losing money. Two of them have been on high-end vehicles. One was a brand new corvette with HUD, which was blurry with the first windshield. This last one was an Infiniti.. Just curious if I should ask for some compensation for labor and time.

Re: Defective Glass

Have someone inspect the glass and make sure that it meets YOUR standards BEFORE you cut out your customers windshield.

Re: Defective Glass

We already do that, however in some cases you cannot see some defects until it is in the vehicle and the customer is driving it. Especially in the event of defective HUD functions.

Re: Defective Glass

Distortions can extremely difficult to find prior to installation. Same with defective rain sensor windows.

A bad part is a bad part.

Re: Defective Glass

They always warranty the part but its just like a lot of business where they warranty the part but not labor in most cases. Its tough to stomach but its business as usual. We cant complain about a couple windshields a year maybe..maybe so it really tightens up your inspection skills before install.. Always have back-up glass from somewhere else close and dry set the window and sit in the seat if you have to. If you don't want to do that all the time then you just write if off and go on with business and a kick ass warranty.

Now depending on your supplier you may get hosed without even a warranty on the glass because you installed it no matter what!! So, then its time to put on those big girl panties and just suck it up buttercup because you signed on to this rat race!!!

Re: Defective Glass

Yes, this is a problem. Of the different brands, PGW seems to be the worst, especially DOT 563.

Re: Defective Glass

The defective part should have never left the manufacturing plant...


The defective part should have never left the warehouse...

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