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Spring/Summer 2017 N.I.P.P.L.E.

Spring/Summer 2017 N.I.P.P.L.E.
for insurance companies soliciting insurance policies to auto glass shops

Please note: These NATIONAL INSURANCE PRODUCT PREMIUM LIST ESTIMATES are benchmark guides only for insurers seeking to insure auto glass shops and in no way are intended to make insurers feel they must discount these suggestions to win favorable consideration from any prospective glass shop clients.

GENERAL LIABILITY: $1.12 per $1,000,000 and .74 hours of calculation time

PROPERTY: $1.84 per $100,000 and 1.22 hours of calculation time

BUSINESS OWNER’S POLICY (BOP): $0.52 per $50,000 and .23 hours of calculation time

COMMERCIAL AUTO: $50.00 flat fee and no calculation time

WORKER’S COMP: $25.00 per bone crack up to four and then additional $5.00 up to seven.

PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY: $4,235 per $100,000 jack wipe premium and no calculation time

DATA BREACH: $.04 per employee and 2.49 hours of calculation time

HOMEOWNERS: N/A: glass shop owners live in trees in the view of insurance companies

Re: Spring/Summer 2017 N.I.P.P.L.E.

Is the NIPPLE's formula PROPRIETARY? Hahahahah

Re: Spring/Summer 2017 N.I.P.P.L.E.

Rumor has it that the vp of purchasing at SL sent this NIPPLE list to their insurance carrier and told them he was offering ***% off NIPPLE for SL's liability business if they were willing to accept that discount.

Rumor further states that the carrier is now considering giving them one averaged flat amount for ALL their business and promises to line up NETWORK carriers for any category they cannot efficiently handle themselves. (You didn't hear this from me!)

Re: Spring/Summer 2017 N.I.P.P.L.E.

This whole thing is a riot! All the people in the biz who look at this stuff have no idea what dipwads they are! Hahahahahahahaha!

Re: Spring/Summer 2017 N.I.P.P.L.E.

A consortium of unnamed auto glass companies are convening over this long weekend to create B.I.P.P.I.E.---- BENCHMARK INDUSTRY PRICE PRODUCERS INDEPENDENT ESTIMATES.

Ostensibly, this is a carefully crafted list of benchmark prices which the glass companies intend to present to publishers relating to the fees the publishers charge for the benchmark prices they in turn create to "aid" auto glass companies who are unable to price their goods and services without outside help from people looking to screw them. The benchmarks are, of course, only suggestions and cover such things as electronic and paper price sheets and catalogs.

An anonymous glass shop owner who reportedly is part of the consortium was asked if the B.I.P.P.I.E. formula is proprietary. "Nah! We are just throwing VERY LOW numbers into the air and picking them up off the floor randomly. Kind of like NAGS does, but they call it proprietary."

Re: Spring/Summer 2017 N.I.P.P.L.E.

I told the person at the 1-800 number how much I would be willing to pay them for a GlassMate subscription. They laughed. When I said I was serious, they hung up.

Re: Spring/Summer 2017 N.I.P.P.L.E.

I told the agent at my insurance company she should give me NIPPLE and she threatened to call the police on me and hung up!

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