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How has everyone been billing these out to insurance companies when there is no NAGS list published yet?

Re: DW2275gbylof

Pilk lists it as NAGS Price $1250.00 USD

Re: DW2275gbylof

On this part and every other part, I take my glass cost, I had a very healthy profit to cover my overhead that contains the exorbitant insurance premiums I have to pay as well as leaving me a return on my investment that makes it worth while to run my own business instead of putting that capital into other investments, and then calculate my labor charge exactly the same way as the union electrician that I have do stuff for me from time to time. No insurance company has ever demonstrated that my bills are unreasonable and they stopped short paying me many years ago after they realized I was taking EACH AND EVERY short pay WITHOUT EXCEPTION to court so they gave up. It ain't rocket science kids--- up the keisters of NAGS and TPA's.

Re: DW2275gbylof

Correcting my typo--- I said I had a healthy profit but meant to write I ADD a healthy profit

Re:attention webbie

Please note that discussions of pricing (i.e., "What do you charge for this?"), boycotts (i.e., "Let's all not buy from the Smith Company"), market allocation, or discussions of a personal nature or directed toward specific people will be removed as will anything the moderator believes to be in poor taste (i.e., allusions to Pedro and his donkey") as will any comments that, in the glassBYTEs staff's view, constitute advertising (help wanted, products or services, etc).Thanks for honoring these guidelines.

Re: Re:attention webbie

dOO, are you a NAGS and TPA worshiper? Nobody is mentioning dollar and cent prices or boycotts. You need to have a warm glass of milk and nestle with your coloring book while you suck your thumb and have lefties tell you fairy tales about Hillary's being elected president.

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