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Safelite /Belron for sale... interesting speculation..

Safelite/Belron for sale soon,

Interesting topic..

Many times we hear whisperings of news such as the sale of a company. Safelite US, is the best long term investment for the Belron company today. The owners/investment company of Belron seem to have very few "horses" in their stable now, but breaking up Belron and selling it off In pieces does make sense at this time.. speculation is high for Safelite US.. I'm confident Gary Lubner would really enjoy selling off his current shares and starting off with a new platform of his families former Glass Buisness, Belron, in Europe and other continents. Even sucesessful men have a decisiveness of independents. If I know Gary, there is an enormously high level of personal pride in the Belron name and getting back the privacy and independence of owning a his Family Buisness once again is key. Safelite would move on and Gary Lubner would start our new.. Makes sense for investors/sellers and renewed entrepreneurship's.

Re: Safelite /Belron for sale... interesting speculation..

This is a joke right?

Re: Safelite /Belron for sale... interesting speculation..

It doesn't matter if Safelite didn't have the insurance contracts they would tank, and eventually through lawsuits its gonna happen!

Re: Safelite /Belron for sale... interesting speculation..

That is 100% correct. Without Ins. contracts good buy SL.

Their BBB as you might of seen a few weeks back is 90% negative reviews.

And that is how we hear it from all of our customers that have used them.

They all say NEVER AGAIN

Re: Safelite /Belron for sale... interesting speculation..

Don't say: I told you so. But I told you so. Belron/Safelite investment firm sells a a minority interest. But what did you read into Gary Lubner response to the news?

To: OB ... Feb comment/reaction to my tread.. NO, NOT A JOKE...

Re: Safelite /Belron for sale... interesting speculation..

I have had numerous customers over the years tell us they used them once

and will never again. So yes without ins. contracts they would FAIL.

I truly believe they are one of the worst and I seldom knock a competitor.

The 90% negative reviews on BBB speaks for itself, we surly could not keep

our doors open with reviews like that.

I have won over a few insurance agents by showing them a printout of the BBB

and they started using us.

To all reading this, print off a copy of the negative reviews and show agents

and customers. This is the best way to hit them wear it hurts.

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