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Wire Cutout tools - which one?

We have been using the Equilizer Viper. Fair price, good performance, but the design is defective.
The detent system that holds the line under tension is 2 steel balls grinding on an aluminum plate with dimples in it.
Needless to say, they are wearing out prematurely. The new Raptor has an electronic cup but no changes to this design flaw.
Also, Equalizer will not sell just the aluminum spindle that is worn out.

So, what works. And what lasts?

Kong? WRD Spider? GT? GlasBot?

I have no problem with manual devices vs. powered. Less money, more feel and feedback on the cutting action to know if you are hung up on something.

Thought Viper was a fair deal, but replacing them every two years is not cost effective.

Kong seems faster (cut 2 sides at once) and no need to move the machine, but need to protect and pay attention to two cuts at once.

Just can't seem to find any comparisons on the interwebs.

Re: Wire Cutout tools - which one?

As they all accomplish the same task, tensioning the cutting element, what are you looking for?
All winders are used by the technician inside the vehicle except one.

That leaves you two choices for the rest, manual crank handle or drill adapter.

The drill adaptive winders seem to be all the same anymore.

Only the handle length would be a factor on manual winders.

Size of cup for anchoring is a consideration as well as the height off the glass of the unit. Closer is better.

Hope that helped.

Re: Wire Cutout tools - which one?

I've been using an Equalizer Python for those occasions I've needed one. It seems to work fairly well. I prefer the wire over the cord and like any, I'm sure you have to protect the interior from damage. I've been pretty happy with it, but I'm not an avid user. Someone that relies on one all the time might have more insight

Re: Wire Cutout tools - which one?

Also interested in which one is the best, to use and to last

Re: Wire Cutout tools - which one?

Glass Bot is powered via M18 Milwaukee and warranted for life since 2008.

Re: Wire Cutout tools - which one?

I own one of all of them they are all good. Most of my guys use the Viper, cobra we do have the rest including the role out they are all good watch the u tubes on Equalizer and Alfredos Auto glass Both Gil and Alfredo point out what is great about the tool.

Thees tools and techniques are new but don't worry they are awesome even the master pipe knife tech will love this tool watch the videos, buy the tools JOIN THE PRESENT YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID!

Re: Wire Cutout tools - which one?

Gt tools is junk

Re: Wire Cutout tools - which one?

sucka, hopefully you are referring to the wire or string breakage which normally results in blaming the tool. GT seems to build a quality product. What broke or failed in your opinion? Be specific so we can all learn.

Re: Wire Cutout tools - which one?

been using a glass bot since day one they came out. I now have 2 of them but they are getting in bad shape,I love the system but just cant bring myself to order another new one with the Canadian old ones are growling & clunking but I guess all I can do is keep patching them up till I can afford a new one...

Re: Wire Cutout tools - which one?

Get them down to me, lifetime warranty. I return them next day after repair. No excuses, I'll make them like new.

Re: Wire Cutout tools - which one?

Rick Nelson
Get them down to me, lifetime warranty. I return them next day after repair. No excuses, I'll make them like new.
thanks for the info rick , I will give u a call when I get a second & find out how I do that...

Re: Wire Cutout tools - which one?

No worries, plan around a long weekend or vacation time and they'll be back in time to get back to work. Send me a note of what issues you have,
If you still have the NiCad model, look to upgrade to Lithium Ion and the Controller.

Re: Wire Cutout tools - which one?

Thanks Rick. I just gotta get my **** together & get it done, should have done this in the winter...'' Instead of ice fishing.'' Now it's crazy busy.

Re: Wire Cutout tools - which one?

Memorial weekend is coming up, get one ready to go and ship it out, you'll have it back right after the long weekend.

Re: Wire Cutout tools - which one?

Stringy Thingy:

Per our R&D Manager here at Equalizer - Jason Horne, "Currently I have not heard of anybody having an issue with them wearing out. I have put some hard miles on my Viper and have had no issues. Is it possible he got wire stuck under it? Maybe he had one that wasn't properly greased? Ultimately it would be nice to actually see the tool and try to figure out what went wrong. Can he send it in so we can look at it?"

If you would like to send it in for us to take a look at it we'd be happy to do so! If it's a manufacturing defect or a warranty issue we would ultimately repair/replace at no charge to you. You can send that in to Equalizer ATTN: Repair Department 2611 Oakmont Drive Round Rock, TX 78665. Just print out a copy of this convo if you can and send with it!


Re: Wire Cutout tools - which one?

I also use the viper had to put larger cup or could not use cord. I started using cord because wire got stuck in lower area that ratchets it still works but i have to use both hands while winding.Equalizer should have put guard over crevice that ratchets.I still use it but am looking at buying better setup.

Re: Wire Cutout tools - which one?

glassman59 take a real hard look at the will not regret it..

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