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What % of Insureds are Balance Billed ?

Does anyone Know of any instances where a client has been "balance billed" ? I do not.

Re: What % of Insureds are Balance Billed ?

From my experience, balance billing is usually attempted by the insurers. On one occasion, we direct billed the insurer and forced them to pay our invoice in full after short paying our original invoice. Our customer called and said he got an invoice from the insurer for the difference and wanted to know what to do. I suggested he change carriers and he did. He said he got a better deal on his insurance anyway.

We have also had customers show us letters from the insurer saying that they would be responsible for the difference after we were short paid. Since we had a good assignment , we told them that we would get it out of the insurer.

Re: What % of Insureds are Balance Billed ?

Ditto. We NEVER balance bill customers for what their insurance company doesn't pay and haven't in almost 40 years. BUT, insurers and third party providers still tell our customers that we will. It's a shame that free speech allows big companies to lie without consequences.

Re: What % of Insureds are Balance Billed ?

What are the chances of you sharing your assignment with me privately? We redid ours however I'm not confident its correct. I would like to see one that is succesfull

Re: What % of Insureds are Balance Billed ?

Find a reliable attorney or someone in the auto glass industry in your state. State laws differ.

Re: What % of Insureds are Balance Billed ?

I guess differences in State Law apply.

That said, is it not the fundamental principle of insurance to pay a claim for the policy holder. Its not for the policy holder to pay and be reimbursed later. What happens if the policy holder has no money to pay? Thats what insurance is for, right?

Insurance groups try this in Australia too. However, they do not state this rule in their disclosure statement. The disclosure statement is the contract, nothing else matters. If its not in contract, it can't be forced on the policy holder later.

Insurance groups know this and despite our requests to have them send us this add on policy in writing they fail to deliver. Sure, they tell this to customers and this is a problem. However, they don't win them all and we get our share.

We bill all insurance groups direct at retail price. We never bill the customer, even when threatened. You can too, but be prepared to take them to Small Claims Courts if they mess you around. Don't be afraid to add late penalty charges to unpaid invoices, Your time is valuable. We have never not been paid in full in 12 years of operation.

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