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Michigan Company Pushes Back Against Third Party “Steering”


Insurance companies and their third party providers are accepting bids to provide auto glass replacement for their policyholders. As a policyholder you may be STEERED to these irresponsible bidders who are generally selected solely on the basis of lowest cost. To compete in this market, these rogue companies often need to compromise the integrity of your vehicle by using inexperienced personnel and/or substandard materials that may void factory warranties and/or cause damage such as rust or water damage.
You have the right and responsibility of choosing the best possible repairers for you and your vehicle. The experience a technician can vary greatly, from 20 days to well over 20 years. There is NO SUBSTITUTE for this time and training.
SAFETY is also a hidden factor that may never be realized except in the event of a crash or rollover. The windshield is now a very important and integral part of your vehicle, preventing injuries under these circumstances.
KNOW YOUR TECHNICIAN and AVOID being STEERED in the direction of self-certified and/or self- referring third party administrators (often 1-800 numbers found on the backs of insurance cards).
Instead seek out technicians that belong to companies whose success depends on reputation and referral. Glass Associations, Mechanics, Local Chambers of Commerce, or Insurance Agents will have experience in selecting a reputable Auto Glass Shop in your area should you need help making this important, responsible choice.
CHOOSE WISELY! This could be a life and death decision

Re: Michigan Company Pushes Back Against Third Party “Steering”

Not bad, but I would never recommend asking an insurance agent to send you to a reputable shop. There are rare exceptions, but most agents will lie to your face, insisting that they would never steer and that they think your shop is the best thing since sliced bread.
Truth is, between spiffs from other glass companies and pressure form headquarters, most agents are going to recommend calling the TPA. Insurance agents used to look out for their customers. Unfortunately those days are over.

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