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Aftermarket defects list? where is it listed

I mainly install Race cars of Porsche, Audi, Vw's etc. also For the dealerships, mainly Use their glass. I also do all other vehicles as well.
I also do Insurance Tickets, most of the time I request OEM glass for my customers due to Defects and issues with aftermarket glass. Either wavy, molding not straight or the center of glass is curved wrong or the molding on the bottom is falling off, creating issue when snapping in cowl, which leads to air noise and water leaking etc... I make less money with OEM but I dont have to go back and swap the glass out when the customer see or finds defects that they whine about. or upon install I see something i know wont be right later etc... adds to install expense, vehicle down etc. most of my customers thinks insurance is great that they get oem without knowing I argue and fight and whine to the insurance for them, cause i know its gonna be a smoother instal and finish, "yes the nicer cars the better the whiner"!! lol

Here is my situation!
I have always called in with FW# and brand and listed my reasons why I want OEM.
I call Lynx yesterday and collin tells me "I need to buy the aftermarket glass and install it or attempt to, then call them with the defects and the DOT# and Bug Info. I know what those are, however I have never had to pre buy bad glass then supply its info for OEM approval glass. I have supplied the brand name and the aftermarket part number. this chat was all on the new pypstream in record of chat. Know I know fw3700 have issues as i have seen them over and over, so I am informing them and seeking OEM approval. Well he still wants the DOT info, i dont have cause I didnt buy the crappy parts first. I ended the pypstream texting and called. so then the lady tell me she needs to look the fw# up on the defects list with the DOT # which gives you company brand. vs the company name. did they change their way to search the defects anyone know? So any who

Here is my question!
where do i see that defect list? and what the reported defects are? so when i call I can already know the list of reported defects to ease the approval of OEM! thank you.

Re: Aftermarket defects list? where is it listed

Wow, LYNX keeps a list of known defect aftermarket part numbers? Must be a long list.

I have never heard of this list. So they know XYG, ATI, FYG has problems and they still allow those parts to be installed to their customers?

Wow, crooked insurance industry

Re: Aftermarket defects list? where is it listed

A better installation,...

all glass is aftermarket.
no car maker makes glass.
You are creating a problem not solving one.

stick to installing dealer parts at a dealer and
we will take care of the rest.
You are making things harder then they need to be

Re: Aftermarket defects list? where is it listed

D, you are naive.

Re: Aftermarket defects list? where is it listed

It seems like Lynx has more than one "list" that they are unwilling to share with us, the retail glass shop.

Re: Aftermarket defects list? where is it listed

Some aftermarket replacement glass parts do not match these original performance specifications. These inferior glass products can have:

Reduced or no acoustic properties (think - now I hear a lot more road and wind noise)
Non-Solar Optimized properties (think - increased heat buildup in your car & needing to use the air conditioner a lot more)
Poor optics (think - distortion leading to eye strain & headaches)
Poor surface control (think - wind noise & wiper blade missing spots)
All glass is not created equally, demand that your glass be replaced with it’s original performance specifications.

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