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How to remove rear quarter glass 2013 Dodge Dart?

Trying to remove from a parts car without damage.

Have a WRD Spider but glass is too small.

Re: How to remove rear quarter glass 2013 Dodge Dart?

Here is my regimen for most quarter glasses.

Pop inner plastic trim panels out enough that they are behind the pinch weld if they are close to class. Tape any chrome and inspect area around glass. Open door and tape off door jamb between glass and pinch.

Get your preferred extractor lube and spray in the window and behind the encapsulation. I use a 6 inch by like 2 inch blade that has the little water holes on the back side. Instead of having the blade cut toward the glass you flip it to cut toward the car, that way it doesn't damage the encapsulation.

Slip your blade between the car and the encapsulation until you get to the glue. Cut out the front side, If the glue is way deep into the window you can probably get it all in one run, if it is close to the edge, you will have to cut, take it all the way out, sneak it behind the molding and repeat. Cut as far as your blades will go.

Now I have some custom tools that I call pushers, basically a ginsu but instead of a utility blade in the end its the extractor blade, push it back towards the corner of the window. there is usually a clip to use a hammer to cut it. Once the glass is almost out, just the little bit of glue in the corner left, I gently cut it with ginsu, if you use the pusher and the window cuts out it will keep going and scratch car, ginsu is more precise. then trim old glue off glass and its ready for re-install.

I realize this is way old for you post and I am sure you have gotten it out or broken it by now but maybe this will help someone in the future. :]

Re: How to remove rear quarter glass 2013 Dodge Dart?

a hammer

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