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Nags list??

WT hell is going on. Has any one else seen these new list prices coming next week. Thoughts on Benchmark being revenue neutral & now look at the demands on discounts at these deflated list prices. What a scam on the little guys once again.

Re: Nags list??

Cause we just keep taking it!!!

Re: Nags list??

When does the almighty NAGS list update take effect?

Re: Nags list??

Hey guys, read what "my own man" posted the other day about NAGS and offer and accept. Then stop *****ing about your freaking NAGS prices going down and discounts going up and give NAGS pricing the credence it deserves: nada!

Re: Nags list??

It takes effect NOW! How many of you who rely on NAGS list pricing are going to be able to weather such a huge price decrease? What to do, what to do...

And, why isn't Glassbytes all over this. Why? Too controversial? This change will affect a much wider audience than the recent State Farm decrease (which takes effect next week). So, why?

Just wondering.

Re: Nags list??

Still waiting to see what the new list prices are as of yet GTS has not even given us the update to install. Very frustrating as they don't even respond to our requests for what's going on. Anyone else having this problem?

Re: Nags list??

I agree. GTS is terrible the last few yrs. their edi sucks, I get more rejects for repairs! can not call them, they want to charge you to talk to them. I think its time to find a better co. any one know of a better software co.

Re: Nags list??

I find it very odd that PGW's website does not show the same NAGS list price as Pilkington's (or Service for that matter). I called up PGW & Pilkington and they know nothing about it changing. REALLY PGW? I call Mitchell and the guy said yes it was updated. Nothing published anywhere that I can find that says "New Nags List Prices effective 9/11/16" and I find that quite odd too. GlassBytes use to always alert or speak of it and they have been quiet too. Very odd......

Re: Nags list??

Prepare yourself for a shock!!!

Re: Nags list??

fw3485gby $715.85 to $324.10....fw3473gby $720.20 to $319.70 going to feel the pain.
should have see it coming when they raised the nags hours on some.

Re: Nags list??

Hey Jenna, where did you get your information from?

This came form NAGS directly:

"Fall 2016 Release

Effective September 12, 2016

We have used a parts unit count which we believe is representative of the typical glass retail mix for weighted averages. Although we believe this to be a representative sales mix for a typical glass retailer, your organizations individual glass part sales mix is likely to vary. Therefore, these figures should NOT be used in lieu of performing a more comprehensive analysis based on the specific characteristics of your business operations.

The weighted average increase/decrease for this release, based on our information, is summarized below.

All Parts

------------------Spring '16 Wt. Avg----Fall '16 Wt. Avg %------ Change
Total All Parts____$355.88_______________$339.43_____________-4.62%

Top 500 Parts

-------------------Spring '16 Wt. Avg---Fall '16 Wt. Avg %-------Change
Total Top 500______$339.28_______________$322.63____________-4.91%

The weighted average increase/decrease for your shop may vary depending on your specific product mix. We hope you find this statistical information helpful in your analysis."

Seems like a lot more than just -.11 percent.

Re: Nags list??

nice to see you back, reality.

Who is the Customer?

Re: Nags list??

Just trying to be helpful to those that still use the database as a tool. For those that simply and blindly allow it and the discounts mandated by their masters to be used against them, please ignore my posts. The faster you folks are gone, the better.

Of more concern is the possibility that Glassbytes is allowing itself to be used by parties unknown to spread false, or at the very least very inaccurate, information. Why ? Whatever happened to checking your assertions before publishing them?

Anyway, back to my earlier point, for those business people who use this database to price for the true customers, please be very careful. In fact, one could forcibly argue that the Database is now more trouble than it is worth. What use is a database if you have to check every data entry?

Hey, just asking….

Re: Nags list??

Hi can someone please send me an up to date nags book. Thanks

Re: Nags list??

Sure thing, it's on it's way! Keep checking your mail box!

Re: Nags list??

is the 2019 nags book out yet
I haven't seen one?

Re: Nags list??

nags 2019
is the 2019 nags book out yet
I haven't seen one?

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