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2013 F150 Exploding Rear Power Sliding Window

My wife and I bought this truck 2013 F150 FX4 in mid 2015 to replace our 2007 Ford Explorer. On the morning of 02APR, my wife remotely started the truck and 5 minutes later loaded my 2 kids into the back seat. As she started backing out of the driveway, there was a loud bang and the power sliding rear window (driver side) shattered into a thousand pieces with no apparent reason. Thankfully, aside from being extremely startled, nobody was hurt. Investigation revealed that this is a common problem with 2010-2013 F150 power sliding windows. Is Ford addressing this known problem through a recall or service bulletin on this problem. Does Ford Canada acknowledge this problem and will Ford provide any financial assistance with the replacement of this window??? During my discussion at the service dept at FORD Dealership, they told me that there was nothing that they would do for me as I did not buy this truck through their dealership, despite acknowledging that this is becoming a widespread problem with these windows. Do the dealerships not represent and support Ford products regardless of where they are purchased? The only thing they would do for me is print off an estimate of $1227.80 + tax for window replacement. I am having great difficulty understanding why Ford will not assist in rectifying this known problem, not to mention, coming up with ad additional $1500 for a Ford design flaw totally out of my control. I have been a loyal Ford Truck owner for over 30 years, but this response to a known issue is very concerning and will certainly change my perspective on future vehicle purchases. Will Ford Canada step up, do the right thing, and acknowledge this concern?

Re: 2013 F150 Exploding Rear Power Sliding Window

I would say that Ford's customer service department would be the ones to call.

Re: 2013 F150 Exploding Rear Power Sliding Window

We have replaced a bunch of these for dealers. If truck is under the 3/36 warranty they cover. If not you're on your own or insurance claim. I know the new slider are different and su*****ded part number.

Re: 2013 F150 Exploding Rear Power Sliding Window

We've replaced several of these and the issue was faulty rear defrost. I *think* I may have heard about a recall.

Re: 2013 F150 Exploding Rear Power Sliding Window

Re: 2013 F150 Exploding Rear Power Sliding Window

I had the same think happen to the back window of my 2012 f150. After it happened I did some searching online and found out that it has happened to many ford truck owners. There has been no recall on the Windows.

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