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Contact number

Does any one have a contact number for someone at LYNX that might have some kind of intelligence? Have talked to many drones and a few supervisors and not one has an ounce of smarts (how do they get these jobs ?) I realize that they are stuck in the twentieth century with their technologies but come on now. Now a supervisor just out right lied to me. Here is my dilemma. Have a customer that put a American Commerce claim in and it went to LYNX. It was for a 2010 Honda Odyssey windshield. On their dispatch it calls for a DW2501GBN. Check the vehicle out and the build date was 11/2010. It did not look right so checked the VIN 5FNRL5H98BB022069. 10TH digit which is the model year is B which dealer says its a 2011 Model which takes a FW3283GBN, big price difference. After three weeks and 10 phone calls some supervisor call me and says she called a dealer and they said its a 2010. Asked what dealer and she wouldn't tell me and hung up.Where would you go from here?
Totally frustrated with these unprofessional people.

Re: Contact number

Put the correct windshield in and bill the insurer directly. No where in the policy does it say you have to deal with Lynx.

Re: Contact number

Good advice IMHNLO.

Since it's April Fools day, let me say since your VIN does decode to a 2011, SINCERELY challenge Lynx to come out and install, themSELVES, the windshield THEY are STATING goes into THE CUSTOMER'S CAR, NO FOOLIN'.

On any given day, that should be amusing to watch.

Otherwise, install and bill the proper part. Your job is to sell and install glass, not to process claims nor teach others how to correctly identify a vehicle, and you aren't being paid for such either. LYNX, however, IS being paid to do so. That makes this THEIR problem, not YOUR problem, NOR the CUSTOMER'S problem.


Re: Contact number

Unless they have changed things, any American vehicle made after July in 2010 would be a 2011 Vehicle

They should have that info

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