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More Minnesota Insurance violations

Last year one insurance company in Minnesota was fined $150,000. We've been hearing that another insurer headquartered in our great "Lone Star State" was fined for violations as well. Has anyone heard or checked the Minnesota Insurance departments website if there was another consent decree?

Re: More Minnesota Insurance violations

I guess Texas computers can't access Minnesota websites......

Re: More Minnesota Insurance violations

I'm told that finding this on the MN State site took some significant pointing and clicking, especially without knowledge of or any experience navigating the state site, and nearly two hours of effort. In other words, I was told it was a witch to find. I'm guessing that no one can complain of being picked on that way, but that's just a wild speculative guess.

Hence, the link below preserves the value of the effort to find it and present it in a documentable format, and should therefore satisfy the webbie's need to "verify the veracity of the document" (no, I haven't forgotten that phrase yet either, lol) via the obvious link to the state site via the URL shown below.

Now, having said that, here's the real question: How many will be sharp enough to look past the pittance of the fine and realize the significance of what's stated in this consent decree and not be side-tracked by relative non-issues?

We shall see, I suppose.

As usual, JMHNLO.{0253C890-894E-47D7-B241-05B9A32AEE7B}&documentTitle=266578&documentType=1

Re: More Minnesota Insurance violations

Very good Mark1 That is a piece of gold. I have an upcoming arb that this will have a bit of influence on. Thank you for your time. If only a few thousand shops would realize that caving into price fixing will slowly kill them. AND fighting is a better choice. NOT the easy road but still the very best choice.

Re: More Minnesota Insurance violations

Could not pull this up. Will you explain? Thank you.

Re: More Minnesota Insurance violations

Try this one.

Copy the above link and paste it into your browser.

Re: More Minnesota Insurance violations

Sigh, only one out of three issues, GB saw. They're lined up like dominoes. A Trifecta, so to speak.


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