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Equalizer Inventor Program

I'm curious if anyone here has been through their process.

Re: Equalizer Inventor Program

Sounds like "give us your good ideas for autoglass tools"

Re: Equalizer Inventor Program

No comment.

But like anything you will never get tracking without distribution or Gorilla marketing...

Re: Equalizer Inventor Program

Anyone have any info on working with Equalizer on a tool invention? I have heard a few negative comments, and their red bixes at the suppliers usually empty. My suppliers salesman states they dont make enough on the tools to try and promote and sell

Re: Equalizer Inventor Program

They take advantage of you, totally ask anyone who sold them an idea. Yes cool to have idea made but at the end of the day, what did it accomplish. You do not need them.

Re: Equalizer Inventor Program

I did back in 2007 and it went easy. They did all the foot work with the patent. A few years later they bought me out after I collected monthly checks. Very simple at the time. And your name stays with the tool you invented.

Re: Equalizer Inventor Program

Did they pay you well for your invention? Any problems with legal papers? Looking to submit an idea , any advice would be helpful

Re: Equalizer Inventor Program

I got a tool into their catalog a couple of years ago and have been disappointed. They are very friendly, and very easy to work with, but the sales of my idea/tool have been next to nothing. I did not expect to retire off of my idea/invention, but for a catalog that is distributed nationwide and in other countries, I expected higher sales. Surprised they still offer my tool/idea for sale .

I guessed at a minimum, they would at least sell one of each tool in their catalog in all 50 states , so a minimum of 50 sold a month for each tool they sell? I get a small check for usually less than 10 sold a month. I mean they seem to have a large facility and staff, international sales?

No way to know for sure how many they sell? I would fell better if they had a third party verify sales. Just seems hard to believe, with all the glass suppliers, Amazon, and direct sales to the thousands of auto glass companies nationwide they should sell at least one tool in each state each month.

So my next tool idea I got a 3D print company to make a prototype , not very expensive, and currently looking for a manufacturing company to make it. I will sell on directly on Amazon and reach out to GT tools and maybe Equalizer. That way you know how many you are selling, and should make more per tool sold. I mean anything is an improvement over current agreement with Equalizer

Hope this did not discourage you, just wanted to share my experience. Good Luck with your idea,

Re: Equalizer Inventor Program

Ive been in the glass biz. For a long time and I submitted several ideas over 20 years ago, still have original drawings and fax comfirmations. Never did anything with them, however i did see 3 of extremely similar tool's for sale a year after submitting them. Needless to say I was very skeptical. I remain skeptical. I showed my wife the tools in the catalog and she said "thats your tool" and I said "no" I never heard from them. She said well that looks like your idea. I agree, it did indeed.

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