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Re: Glassbytes pulled their article on price jump???

I saw it got pulled yesterday afternoon. The question is who exactly is pressuring AGRR, or Glassbytes on this kind of censorship.

Did Mitchell, or NAGS, really make the statement based on information from the major distributors? And if any and all increases or decreases to actual costs happen, how does it impact NAGS benchmark? That is a BIGGER question, and I bet a C note some do not want that answered.

If hypothetically we have 5% increase in actual costs would that not effect the benchmark to a greater degree than a rise to costs? Might lay a trail to NAGS special formula LOL.

Another Big question how is it ALL distributors chose the same 5%, not some at 4.9 or 5.1 ahhhh does this trail lead somewhere?

There is allot more,,,,BUT
I'll stop for now because this will all be a waste of time for me if this gets snuffed out or pulled. Another c note it might?

This won't be a waste of time for those who have the right info, wisdom, and tenacity.

Inquiring minds need to know. This IS the REAL news. A very wicked web is weaving. I hope a few printed out the articles before they disappeared.
Lastly, only those with something to hide, Takes efforts to hide things.

Let's see if this stays or gets hidden.

Re: Glassbytes pulled their article on price jump???

Sir Slam A Lot
Trying to find that article on the 4 venders that are raising prices 5%. I read it here first from a post, now that post was pulled and so were the 2 articles GlassBYTEs had on it. I can see it being pulled here since we cant talk pricing...LOL however, it is a little odd to me they pulled their own article, This is BIG news, I would rather read real news about our industry versus Vandals and Birds...


Because they got censored from higher up !!!!!!

Re: Glassbytes pulled their article on price jump???

So what's the big deal AGRR? WHY? Every year or 2 we get price increases on flat, mirrors, Thermo units, tempered, plexi, everything goes up.

And we just got a price increase about a month ago on ALL flat glass. It was about 7-10%. There is nothing to hide. Costs go up and what we bill out goes up, and tax goes up, insurance goes up, utilities go up. THAT IS THE NORM.

ALL smart or successful businesses bill out what they charge based on all costs. So it is simple. Costs of glass, or windshields go up, What is billed out goes up accordingly.
Maybe that is why someone is involved with covering up? Just maybe?

If PGW, or PILK, or our any distributors raise prices? What ever I can do the same as they can. It is legal, right, and smart business 101. No one goes into business to lose $$$$$$.

Re: Glassbytes pulled their article on price jump???

You have to look at who is approving the pricing in the article and connect the dots. looks like a conspiracy across the industry lines, or confirmation of one.

Re: Glassbytes pulled their article on price jump???

They pulled it because it wasn't true and it in content meant they all where price fixing. Which is a slander issue.

SL pr officer posted here it wasn't true attention.

Re: Glassbytes pulled their article on price jump???

When SL talks AGRR listens. That should tell you something about their reporting. Or lack of it.

Re: Glassbytes pulled their article on price jump???

I think it is nonsense. I know people who's prices have recently went down. If the big players think they are going to try to put this myth out there, that prices are going up, let them I do not believe it.

Re: Glassbytes pulled their article on price jump???

Yes it is official. PGW and PILK are going to be doing a 3.5% -5 %. It is not across the board so to speak but is on certain parts.
So regardless of what some retailers doing wholesale think costs are going up. Also because of high demands in certain area's there just might be some shortages on some glass.

This is NOT an April fools joke it is real.

3.5 -5% is not huge but it does have an impact. Certainly will affect shops who cannot sell any lower than they already are.

The race to the bottom still continues,,,,,But only to those who allow it.

Sorry Larry you are wrong again.

Re: Glassbytes pulled their article on price jump???

Does anyone have a PDF copy of the entire article you could share?

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