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Re: Windshield Urethane Compatibility

I am sorry but I have to chime in, GM used poly sulfide not butyl like Ford with a dam material to install windshields and back glasses before urethane. I have been in the industry over 30 years and work on allot of older cars and have never seen a stock GM windshield with butyl ...I could be wrong but I haven't seen it

Re: Windshield Urethane Compatibility

smarter than most
Ohhhhh, now someone is backpedaling lol I have only been in the industry 8 years and I know Essex has not made urethane in over 10 years. It's called Dow. Also if you use the 3M primer as directed it will not peel off and crack as you state. If you do not use black primer it will fail from UV exposure. So here you are again giving bad advice. Why don't you just tell him to unroll some butyl and let it ride old timer. And Smiley is right, much better but still a total of 17 grammar mistakes. Just write what you want to say, copy it and paste it in Microsoft Word then copy that and put it on here. Not making fun of anyone because mine is bad also so that's how I do it. Jamie trained me, he once told me he that most people with a lot of years under their belt are set in the old ways of doing things, apparently he is right. You can keep your "decades" of experience, if I need a tape kit or a 55 Chevrolet roped in I'll call you. Now apologize to everyone and let's move on.

Smarter than most.. you must be of hit your head or something.. I'm so old I can remember when the first "AEGIS 2.4V" power caulk gun come out in the equalizer catalog. most of the "URETHANE" companies have changed everything so I am speaking from past experience in my first 8 years of auto glass service.. Just like we used to push glass out with our heads, and use a "BANANA" KNIFE before a long knife even came out. We used "PACKING TAPE" to install door glass's in the slide channel.

" " indicates fixed fields

If your really want to show your age. Tell him you used PTI adhesive. That would let me know its not your 1st time around the corner.....
I cut my teeth on glass second-generation three other members of my family came up in glass I'm the only one left that still does it. Yes we used to use our heads my cousin is disabled now because of it. I've been at it for almost 30 years, and I'm sure glad that I had an open mind and listened and watched others and learn better ways from others and my own experiences. What was standard procedure 20 years ago is no longer. What will be 20 years from now will be totally different I'm sure. He who learns from the past embraces the present and prepares for the future wins the game. And to date myself yes I used to use protective treatments Inc. urethane also as well as crest brand, and Adco. Whatever was cheapest back then was what we used. You Younghans stop picking on the old-timers you old timers try to learn something from these kids they know what's up in today's world.

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