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Re: Fixed Auto Glass Installation

When did the laws change allowing women to vote???

Re: Fixed Auto Glass Installation

I don't see any problems with how this guy prepped his job. He clearly says that if the factory bead had not peeled away with the paint he would not have cleaned because it would not been necessary. I totally agree with his approach. I do my installs the same way. I never saw a brush come out after he trimmed back the urethane. You can clearly hear the paint peeling off the pinchweld while he's trimming back the bead. What was he supposed to do prime over dirt? I would do it the same way to expand the contact surface and seal what remains of the factory paint system to areas beyond the area of paint failure.

This guy is right about his claims that Dow's GC800 is approved by them for use in this manner. Don't take his word for it, check the guide.

Good job Glassman! Takes a lot of stones to put yourself out there like that. Your Rolladeck tool looks very ingenious. I'll keep you in mind.

Re: Fixed Auto Glass Installation

Y'all are some wild and crazy guys. I gotta say that I am more inclined to believe someone posting a reasonable spin off off his real name who is easy to find as opposed to the girl who just admitted her private parts need some hygiene.

I have a lil buddy and to be honest it only gets used when there is no other option because of the setup issues. My boss is afraid of that whole collapsing regulator thing as well. But it's what I can afford for now.

I'm really saddened that this industry has so few professional resources. As a 22 year Marine I had access to libraries of info and data and training and standard based measurements. As a Dish Tech for two years I had multiple knowledge bases and a genuinely helpful forum called satellite guys.

We got this. A few nuggets surrounded by crapola. I can see why the autoglass u is underway and targeting body shops. And folks here just make up anatomically wired screen names. Truly awesome demonstration of "Embrace the Suck".

I hope Agrrmag is listening.

At a minimum we ought to have tool and technique reviews that tell it like it is. One of the many things learned in the Corps was how to field test a piece of gear and write an honest review. But, I've yet to see that in the AGR industry. Send it to me. I'll hook you up with the real deal. It's called being professional. I'd really like to see this place become the go-to resource for AGTechs. But what do I know? I am an hourly installer with only eight years in.

Hey Rollerdeck and Glassbot Guys, thanks for trying. Personally I hope ya make a million or two.

Re: Fixed Auto Glass Installation

I rolled back and I do not see where Rick Nelson called you out? If he did he did, he is a little like me, I think he just says what he thinks :) And that's why I would let him buy me a stiff drink anytime I see him :) And I have & use his tool, now not all the time but when appropriate and I love it. Other than seeing you use the tool in one of your videos I have not seen it in person, I would like to and years ago had a similar sort of Idea. Well not anything you rolled... Matter of fact I will not say I am sure someone will call it a dumb idea :)

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