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plexi in sunroof

have a customer wanting plexi put in where glass was broken out anyone know the regs on this not sure I want the liability thanks

Re: plexi in sunroof

Just like those van windows,in an earlier post, no DOT code means not approved for a street operated motor vehicle. NEVER put plexiglass in a car, unless it is in the back seat or trunk. It breaks similar to glass, into large and sharp pieces and can cause severe injury. That is why they make plastic window guard (like saran wrap) for temporary windows, while plexiglass looks good, it could be very dangerous.

Re: plexi in sunroof

Don't know much about Plexiglas do you??? Poly Carbonate stops bullets, acrylic is weak. Dumb statement of a misinformed poster. Ooooops. Can't afford a Vin etching kit?? Been in the closet long???

Re: plexi in sunroof

Don't know much about Plexiglas do you??? Poly Carbonate stops bullets, acrylic is weak. Dumb statement of a misinformed poster. Oops

OG is not only clueless about glass and plastics; both plexi and lexan, he also does not know what question was originally asked here and then proves to be classless with the closet line.
Safety Acrylic Sheet Glazing better known as (Plexiglass), is harder and more brittle, compared to Polycarbonate, BUT it is NOT polycarbonate or Lexan, still not legal in a car without a DOT Code. Plexiglass has to be scored and "snapped", it can not be cut with a circular saw, sawzall, saber saw, band saw etc., it will splinter and shatter. But Lexan or polycarbonate, can be cut with above tools and can not scored and "snapped", because it is much softer than Plexiglass . He did not ask if he could put polycarbonate in the sunroof, he asked if he could use "plexi". Guess what, still can't use polycarbonate or plexiglass in a sunroof without a DOT code.
A VIN etching kit is just for that, etching VIN #'s on car glass parts, WITH DOT codes, not for hacks, like you, to make up some bogus DOT # and etch it on a piece of plastic, just to make a buck or 2, while making a customers car unsafe.
By the way, DOT #'s are issued by the Department of Transportation, not OG. But not unexpected from the "Upshove" guy.

Re: plexi in sunroof

Why even bother? This is not a money making opportunity for you. You can buy a used sunroof glass from a wreaking yard cheaply. You cut the plexi install it, you will be married to this vehicle for life due to wind noises, water leaks etc...Choose your fights wisely. Good Luck!

Re: plexi in sunroof

Bottom line is the customer came to you for advice. At that very moment you should have advised them of the safety dangers and that it would not be safe nor legal.

A customer does not know the FMVSS codes or regs ---YOU should--- if not get out of the business.

Did you really not know the answer?

Re: plexi in sunroof

the sad part is there are many agrr companies who will jump at the opportunity to install plexi glass in cars. i see this on a regular basis on camper shells or conversion vans. clients even tell us glass shops will encourage the plexi. we refuse to use plexi and explain to clients why. simple answer, we value your safety more than profit( plus its cya).

Re: plexi in sunroof

Plex was used in various vehicles over the years. You people sound as if putting this in a car is like using raw DS. Most of you don't have a clue as to the uses of plex or how to cut it. We aren't going to install this in your car because we value your existence is a bunch of hooey. You just don't know how to do it. If it is that dangerous why do they sell it? Why sell raw glass, it will break.
Cars that used plex, 50-60's Vette, 63-68 Alpine/Tiger, various English cars for side curtains, windscreens for Motorcycles and on and on. OOOOOPS you can cut acrylic with the correct blades if you know what you are doing. OOOOOOPPPPPSSSSS

Re: plexi in sunroof

The liability I see is that you are altering it from its original design. Therefore if anything happens in an accident where they find the use of plexi caused harm to the end user. I could see it making you poor when the lawyers get their share of it. Im NO expert on plexi but would be concerned about liability of it.

It reminds of the same thing when people don't like convex passenger mirrors and want us to put flat ones in. We dont because it alters the vehicles original design. Plus its almost impossible to glue a flat mirror to a curved backing plate. I really ****ed off a guy one time because I told him I wouldn't do it. He can buy the mirror and do what he wanted but i wanted no part in the act of putting it on his mirror. They sell flat ones but that was not what he had on it..

I did find the comment of the use of plexi on camper shells interesting and will heed the warning there because we see it all the time and even know the plastic shops are doing it.

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