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Tool Review: Winged BTB Pinchweld Scrapers via Equalizer

I got the winged pinch weld scraper from Equalizer tools for Christmas. That was when we discovered the $200 minimum and you had to go through a distributor. That is a real pain in the tail end.

Anyway, the scrapers work great. When you scrape you take it down to the 2 mm recommended thickness with very little effort. The blade angle seems to facilitate this as well. I really haven't had to focus closely on the cutting thickness at all. And I have verified that the wings actually work (as advertised in the catalog) at preventing scratches. I even (on a junker) deliberately hit the paint and it didn't leave a (visible) scratch. On one occasion (out of about 100) I did dig too deep and take too much urethane off. The scraper had become dull. Now I sharpen it every third use. I use a wet stone and a light touch. Once a burr is formed on the flat side, remove it and go to work.

It comes with a rounded handle that is ergonomically well shaped and secured via an allan wrench (included) setscrew. The blade is held firmly enough that during use you forget about it being a two-piece set up. And, it will trim the glue with or without tension placed via pulling up on the cut portion. I prefer to tension it so that if there is a bonding issue it pops up.

I’ve used it to trim out the hole in broken tempered glass as well. It works best if you can use a utility knife to start the cut and lift the urethane high enough to create tension. With tempered glass you might have better luck using the flat (no wings) blade that comes in the set. But, that defeats the point of the wings which is to protect the pinchweld.

I like the tool and use it several times daily. I am not saying that you cannot get outstanding results with a long knife. But you don’t, in my opinion, have to be quite so focused.

Hope this helps.

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