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Re: Leak with major damages on 11 Sienna

John Allen - LEAKPRO
We have seen this leak from the factory. This is all we do, is fix leaks. I look at this exact same situation last summer, I was called in by the windshield guy who put in an a/m w/shield two months earlier, car was towed in fuse block fried. It was 100% the windshield, I felt bad, glass guy said sorry paid the bill actually discounted to $4,500.00. He is still doing work for that dealer group. It was said earlier you have to be a man and own up to your mistakes...No one is perfect. In this case the top corner of the bead "folded" over just a bit and the water ran down the "A" pillar, built up in the bottom of the windshield and spilled in.

Any questions you guys can e mail me or call me.

This is actually one of the easiest windshields for me to replace. Urethane cuts easy, cowl and wipers come off and on with ease. I do everything by the book and this job still only takes me no more than 40 to 45 minutes including prep and all paperwork. Although all modern vehicles bonded with urethane require a specific volume of urethane be applied to ensure the integrity of the engineering from the factory has been restored. These types of applications in particular require precision bead placement and decking to avoid unsightly squeeze in or rolling out between the molding and the body, thus causing a leak like this one. I do these all the time, never have a problem because my setting system allows me to easily precisely place the windshield in the exact location by calibrating the system to the original factory installation. I never worry if the bead rolled. You can't see through the frit, you want to be confident that bead didn't roll! $4500.00 goes a long way towards the purchase of professional equipment!

Re: Leak with major damages on 11 Sienna

Dow urethane applied to the glass after proper prep, two skilled installers setting the glass with suction cups, problem solved (or avoided)

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