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Re: Kryger Sold???

Kryger Glass Co. has agreed to pay 53 workers back wages of $107,476
following an investigation by the department's Wage and Hour Division.
According to the investigation, the company violated the Fair Labor
Standards Act's overtime and record-keeping provisions when night delivery
drivers were improperly classified as exempt from overtime pay.
Investigators found that $52,187 was due to 33 employees at the Omaha,
Neb., location, and $55,289 to 20 employees at the Kansas City location.
The Kansas City, Mo.-based company operates retail auto glass repair
shops and wholesales products to those retail stores and auto dealerships

Re: Kryger Sold???

not true fannin auto glass has awarehouse in k c

Re: Kryger Sold???

If you have to ask who gets game tickets my guess is it isn't going to be you! LOL!

Re: Kryger Sold???

haha, had to take the shot.

Re: Kryger Sold???

That is just over 2 Grand per employee, One thing I regret was working my Butt off for DT, I was hourly and worked 50-60 hours a week but was told no overtime was aloud because we was a new shop, Even when the Big Dog was at our shop for a meeting, He said, "Any problems I am the Man to talk to". I raised my hand and said... "I'm working 50-60 hours a week and only getting paid for 40" That is when the Branch Manager jumped in and said 'Because were a NEW shop, so NO OT!!! The Big Dog didn't even respond. Later the same morning I heard this Big Dog on the phone bragging on how sales were up 40% and DT was having the best year ever!!! I finished loading my van and drove straight to another glass shop and filled out an application, That was my last day on the Job for DT!!! I am actually embarrassed for allowing myself to be their slave, I should of stopped working after 8 hours, No excuses however, I was 700 miles from home working to start a new life in an area of the country I Love. The worst was Monday July 5th everyone got a holiday paid day off, I got called in to drive 150 miles to install an 1061... Worst place I ever worked for... Glad to see others stand up for what is right!!! Life lesson, Learn how to say NO!!!

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