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Re: OH My

John G
If you think the playing field is even then by all means, the government should stay out.

1. Boil this down, "what is the ask", what are you asking of your legislator, precisely and exactly? "Its not fair", will not fly. See also, fair share law, and directive 10-289 for illustration. Why ask for help from the government when the power lies within each individual shop.

1A. Some people will hide behind screen names and post to message boards, other will actually do something.

You and those of your ilk, must stop attempting to destroy the messenger when the message is not to your taste. This behaviour squelches healthy debate.

2. Unsafe Installs. Please consult the court document with the testimony of the AGRSS associated expert, who was the hired gun of the farm, concerning the number of unsafe installs. Your a big proponent of Agrss, a poster child so to speak, no?

3. Cost. Was your employer charged with fraud. No, so that must mean the price was within the bounds of fair and reasonable at the time. The mere mention of pricing is verboten, are you trying to get this thread pulled? Your inference is that we are paying penance for past billing practices and all bear the guilt. We should all run to the networks with open arms to make amends. Don't they love to play with the rationalization of that guilt.

4. If to meet in the middle is to think lynx is good, and safelite is bad; show me the difference between the puppet masters. What a grand example of compromise.

Obviously no one was charged with fraud. But the American business model (capitalism) allows for a company to come in and offer a service for less when the service being performed is grossly over priced.
Cry me a river on the TPA issue, it seems like every debate in the industry right now goes back to pointing a finger at the TPA's. You signed up for the TPA so quit complaining about it. If you sign a marriage certificate then complained about not being able to date other people then you should get a divorce from the unhappy situation and move on.
I don't have time to sit here and debate this with someone speaking from both sides of their mouth. "You and those of your ilk, must stop attempting to destroy the messenger when the message is not to your taste. This behaviour squelches healthy debate." This entire thread is a result of your dislike for my blog and you trying to destroy the message you do not agree with. This is where my debate with you ends. You obviously can not present an educated argument so if you would like to continue with this you can call or email me as this seems to be a waste of time for the forum. "To argue with a fool....." Well, we know how the rest of this goes.

Re: OH My

Re: OH My

You should change the title from Oh My to Oh Snap, cause John just got schooled lol John do you even know who you are talking about? You asked if he was trying to get the thread deleted by talking about price, I'm sure if he wanted it deleted he would push the delete button. He works there genius

Re: OH My

Thanks for your timely reply, never having been accused of providing an educated argument, it is surprising you are in search of, or expect, one here.

Perhaps, that alone is telling.

Once again you have generated discussion, that is a good thing, regardless of your personal stance.

It is difficult to remain silent while one demonizes certain groups within an industry.

I would much prefer a thinking hat accompany the soap box of which you have been given occupancy. As a newly appointed leader, one must realize the weight that accompanies the cries from the "bully pulpit".

Let us not mention that "dancing" and "quality" (for which you are in great renown)are in clear opposition.

Smarter, Aware in full, of the spokesman's position, and those who placed him upon that pedestal. The only question remaining, is "what are they trying to sell?" and to Whom? Maybe a clue rests in the phrase "meeting in the middle will not be possible without" (forced) "regulation". If that is the intent, clearly we need more demons; my bad.

Re: OH My

John if you do not like what he is saying do not read it do not click on it, if no one read his blog do you think Deb would keep it? NO every single time someone clicks they get the tingle in there leg like the guy talking about Obama, it is all about numbers and if there is no numbers they make changes.

Re: OH My

John, I bet you never call him or invite him to your "shop". When you say "step into my office" you probably mean "let me put my tailgate down". You will not call him because you can't use Google for fancy quotes or a thesaurus for big words while you are on the phone. I'm going to call him this weekend and see if you called him. I think he hit a nerve with you because you don't have a shop. At least he is trying to help change things, if things continue the way they are 5 to 10 years from now none of us will be in this industry. Ask any shop owner if they thought the industry would be where it is now 10 years ago. Ask them if it's a fair industry and if they are happy with everything. I'd say you will not hear many people say yes. All of you here don't like that he thinks the government should regulate the industry and the government should stay out. But on the other hand you cry out for more Connecticut action. Well, that was the government making those decisions through the court. Go ahead and keep the government out and see how well you do in your monopoly challenges. Try to go toe to toe with a company that makes more in 10 mins than you do all year without the government stepping in. So let's just keep things going like they are now, it seems to be working right?

Re: OH My

Re: OH My

"This crony economy — when politicians choose which businesses get special breaks and benefits — is a tragedy for economic freedom and the well-being of businesses and consumers alike. Not only does this system create an unfair playing field, but it also erodes the quality and choice of products and services available to consumers"

Re: OH My

Smarter, we will assume that is a self given nom de plume, in absence of evidence to the contrary. Take notice, I applaud your worthy title, and hold it in no prejudice, as the opinions you are so willing to share. Were I of another ilk, I would accuse you of hiding, and question good faith. In the end, Faith is what brings us together, it is the full sum of what we possess.

While not worth mentioning, our humble shop would not invite so celebrated and worthy a technician as Jamie, his presence would be quite demeaning for one of his position. Jamie has no equal as a technician, as your actions attest, no charge can be made that his technical skills are under scrutiny. To observe Jamie's attempts to help others with technical advice on this board are quite impressive, he is quick to give the year and month of publication for any installation in question. If a technical issue were to arise, Jamie would be my first call, as apparently is also yours.

The rub, with permission to be so crass, is the vision and direction in which his published position, and yours by proxy, would take the industry. As evidenced by How Good, and Ohm, with their contributions, the path you desire drives the industry to dependency upon those, with which you have no voice. Dependency breeds misery, although Thomas Jefferson provides eloquence "Dependence begets subservience and venality, suffocates the germ of virtue, and prepares fit tools for the designs of ambition." The desired result endorsed in the public press is intolerable for any free thinking individual when carried through to its logical conclusion.

Always, no offense taken upon our part, however, if taken upon your part, we humbly apologize in advance.

Re: OH My

Wow, the thesaurus has done for glass guys what the internet did fir p*rn . John, just do something other than slam people doing good. Go find a cowl stuffer and preach to them or start a fund raiser for legal funds to change laws rather than bash people because they have more knowledge than you. Also Jamie is a little over the top sometimes but it's better than just sitting and watching the industry tank

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