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I'm looking into AutoGlassSearch and their service- past threads on here were pretty interesting- anyone have any updated insights? Thank you in advance.

Re: AutoGlassSearch

It is a full time job keeping track of all the calls you get charged for. If you and a customer have three or four repeat calls between each other then you are charged for every call they make to you. Also, you get billed for every and any call pertaining to glass regardless if you offer that service or not. If you get a call for a glass table, glass vase, new eye glasses or a glass eye, you are billed for that call. If you can keep up with every call and have the time to monitor everything then this may be good for you. I did get work from them, but I could not devote the time to keep them from double and triple billing me and for being charged for requests on services and products that I do not offer.

Re: AutoGlassSearch

Call someone that is not biased that use to be a member... One that does not already have a gag order on them like my friend in TX ...

I am by far no expert or any of that jazz, why are you looking to use them? are you looking for exposure? you can do A LOT for free, email me I will tell you how you can do what they will do for yourself for free and you don't have to use ANYONE...

I am biased I use last month i took 15 jobs or so, but it all depends on what area you are in , etc... I know my friend does like 30 jobs or so a month from the site... the difference?? You get to see the customers name before you get hit with a fee. Anyways to be completely transparent I will admit I am biased as I have worked for them in the past.. So take my biased opinion and check it out...

Ben from has used AGS call him ask him how it worked out for him

I also have never used AGS, I have however in the last month told them on at least 4 occasions "please stop calling me" "did you not get the point stop calling me" "Sir am I not speaking English take me off your list " And finally "Go *** ****** *** **** ******" I am sure they will call today it never fails!

Re: AutoGlassSearch

Guy- thank you. I appreciate it.

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