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volvo anti-pinch(solution)

I was looking for how to reset the volvo's and every list I saw said it could not be done...had to go to a dealer. I ended up figuring it out. This is what worked for me so I will pass it along. Hope it helps!

1. Start with window in down position, engage the auto-up function and remove fuse for door module (for driver's side) or (for passenger side) (located in the driver's side dash fusebox) during window movement.

2. Install fuse back into position.

3. Engage the auto-up function and hold it engaged for 5 seconds after the window has reached the fully closed position.

4. Verify window is now working properly.

5. If this procedure does not work, a scan tool that can access the Passenger Door Module (PDM) and Drivers Door Module (DDM) will be needed.
The auto up or down function will be engaged if the button is pulled to the second step. The first step is for manual operation. This procedure can be used for driver and passenger windows.

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