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Belron Joins ANSI?

What does this mean? Will it further legitimize network steering attempts as OK if your not using the EZI-wire cut-out or Glass Medics repair systems as their ANSI standard?

Re: Belron Joins ANSI?

blah blah blah still suck

Re: Belron Joins ANSI?

ANSI should investigate their past history. Their record should exclude them from having any say in any standard.

Re: Belron Joins ANSI?

Reminicent of the space race vs. the soviets in the 60's, we now stand as witness to the "certification" race between those who desire to become masters of the "safety" universe, belron and agrss.

A race over an entire non-issue; agrss/iga's wind is about to evacuate those proverbial sails.

Re: Belron Joins ANSI?

Just found this interesting that ANSI (a non-for-profit organization) would involve itself with a (all-for-profit organization). I suppose funding needs will prevail with any final decisions.

Re: Belron Joins ANSI?

Just the fox watching/building the hen house.

Re: Belron Joins ANSI?

Them setting standards is like a crack head asking someone else to pee in a cup. Test will come back negative but ur still a crack head.

Re: Belron Joins ANSI?

The admission to the ANSI standards committee would make a mockery of the standard. From what I have been reading and hearing about their compensation incentives for their installers, the two are not compatible. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand why they won't join AGRSS. In my opinion, this would be an attempt to influence standards to enhance profits and the furthering of a PR campaign. While it is good to sound off on this forum, I believe that each one of you should sit down at a keyboard or grab a pen and make the effort to fight this.

I remain,

Mike in NY

Re: Belron Joins ANSI?

Please point out the difference between Belron joining ANSI and any shop joining AGRSS. Two Entities in search of credibility, and mindless followers marching to worship either "standard".

Nothing is accomplished, nor worthy of pursuit.

I didn't hear anything about stopping AGRSS from accepting insurer monies, were there strings attached? That influence must not be a bother?

"Safety" previously a marketing campaign to justify pricing levels now steps on the road paved with good intentions to begin its evil evolution, after all who can be against "children", "clean water" or the "environment"?

Who is the Customer?

Re: Belron Joins ANSI?

Belron is just trying to initiate another step towards their supremacy in the auto glass market. If they are granted ANSI membership they will PR it in TV & Radio ads to no end. Everything will become their standard and marketed as the standard. At that time Belmart will completely take over.

Who will stop them? IGA with another comic book?

Re: Belron Joins ANSI?

How long till Belsafe will be permitted into your shop to audit your work? I see them trying to become a third party auditor. They're stores will always pass of course but the rest will be doomed. They'll set the standards with ansi then use that to audit shops that are on the networks to see if they comply. If you don't your off the network. Sure that's a far fetched concpiracy, but I wouldn't put it past them.

Re: Belron Joins ANSI?

The implications of Belsafe being plugged into ANSI is mind boggling. It would make a travesty of the standard. Belsafe will subvert the legitimacy of ANSI and bend the concept of safety to it’s own purpose.
If this is allowed to happen our industry will become a bigger joke then it already is.

Re: Belron Joins ANSI?

Wow has Leo C. tried to secretly pass ROLAGS off to Belron Technical or is the NGA? So now that they have been busted they are going to take a stand. Or was this Belron trying to STEER ANSI to a whole new direction and Belron using the ROLAGS to help bend the rules of the game.

I think that we only have NGA,IGA,AGRSS and any other industry group CAGG ( Now Belron Auto Glass Group)to blame fo all of this. They are the ones who allowed Safelite employees to be members of the associations and to have a say in what each group says and does. Now they all act shocked that Belron wants to be part of ANSI.

On one hand I'm pi $$ ed that this has happened,but on the other I'm kind of glad it has . Now maybe the publishers and industry groups will see that Belron only has one goal and that is to be the First choice for Auto Glass repair and replacement at what ever cost. They dont care if it ruins the industry as long as they are making $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Wake up People take a stand contact ANSI and let yopu voice be heard.

Re: Belron Joins ANSI?

Has anyone seen a retraction from Belron? Does it exist?

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