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Re: Safelite Certification Process

xs- in a pinch ,when i needed a w/s,( not employed by d/t )the man would hook me up w/ what i needed. get'r dun!

Re: Safelite Certification Process

Indies who's sending hard earned cash to agrss???And you are worried about the Safelite testing.
You might as well waste the rest of your check and send it to the idiots at peta.And the rich get richer.

Re: Safelite Certification Process

What concerns me is just how many of their techs do not pass the test only to be kept in the field until they do pass.
Word is not too many of them in passed the test. That to me is pretty darn scary!

Re: Safelite Certification Process

Just took a drug test for a call center position at safelite. If I fail, will they terminate me no matter what?

Re: Safelite Certification Process

why do any of you morons care what a S L tech has to do.

but ill tell you if they don't pass they don't work there.

by the way what training do you make your techs go through?
as long as you care so much what they do why don't all of you
say what YOU do.

Re: Safelite Certification Process

I simply give them 8 jobs a day. If they get them done, I then give the 9, and so on and so on. Get it. I model myself afte the big guys. I tell them that lunch is required, you must punch out for 30 minutes but I cant offer suggestions of what to do. (wink wink) I puff cigarettes all day and blow smoke in their face, because I think so little of them, and want to prove that I am above the law. Also, I play favorites and allow any illegal activety I deem as ok to prevail.

Re: Safelite Certification Process

otherwise why would they give you the test

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