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glass scams using relay calls

I received my first of these calls back in July 06. We immediately knew that something was not right when they wanted the glass shipped to ghana. What I did was to get them to email me back and forth and everytime they did they gave me a different credit card number. I simply took all the numbers they gave me and reported them to my credit card processing company. Now when I get the calls I completely act like I am falling for it just to get the credit card numbers and report them. That way whomevers card it is might be spared the time and expense of the false charges.

Re: glass scams using relay calls

We just received 3 such calls here in our office this morning. They must be getting the numbers online. Is everyone that has been called so far an AGRSS registered shop?

Re: glass scams using relay calls

I dont think so. I think they are just picking shops at random. I am in Mass. and as far as I know we are the only local shop getting calls. We are getting them at the rate of one a week or so. I usually first get them to email me so I can email them a quote and I do notice all email addys are yahoo mailboxes. The one thing they all have in common is wanting the glass shipped to ghana and all have plenty of credit cards at thier disposal.

Re: glass scams using relay calls

We're not a shop though. We are a magazine publisher. Thats why I think the internet is some how involved. Just not sure of what the source is since they are calling flat glass businesses as well as you guys.

Re: glass scams using relay calls

We are a full service shop. Auto, commercial and residential. And its always the same size 30 x 30 thickness varies... last time i gave them a reg price quadrupuled and they went for it. I am having a blast giving them back a taste of thier own medicine.

Re: glass scams using relay calls

We are getting both e-mails and relay calls. It is not always to be shipped out of the country and it is not always just glass or windshields. One time it was for replacement screens - frames and all. It appears that they are using our website for information.

We told the first one (who did want it shipped out of the country) that we checked with U.S. Customs and the only way that we would deal with him was if he paid in person in $U.S. Never heard from that exact one after that

We noticed that they are usually impatient and want the price right now.

Re: glass scams using relay calls

Where are these scamers making their money? They place an order, give a credit card number & then cancel the order. They don't even ask for a refund on their credit card.

Re: glass scams using relay calls

They want the shop to wire money to a "shipping company", and charge the credit card the extra shipping amount, cards are stolen or cases of identity theft, and the money you wire for "shipping" is gone from your bank.

Re: glass scams using relay calls

Yes that is what is happening with us. I go along like i have no clue and let them give me credit card numbers... (some give a new credit card number with each email) i take the card number and call my credit card processing center and let them report it to the cardholder that it has been stolen. I never let on that we havent co operated with the scammers. I have even told them the glass is on its way. We have no idea how they got our number as we dont have a website and we are a small town shop. But i have to admit i have been enjoying giving them a hard time and i feel like at least im helping the real cardholder by alerting them.

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