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The reason it is slow in the midwest is because of belron slowly getting am fam and many other sgc and lynx work.Sorry to say but it will only get worse.Cash jobs for sure,same old basic sheilds for 165.00 installed(great).

Re: ags(belron)glasspro

Really what it comes down to is too many cheifs not enough indians. One and two man operations. I wouldn't mind seeing about 20 of the 40 outfits in the areas yellow pages fold up shop and find a new profession. Im sure that safelite doesn't care, they still make a good profit at 165-200, since they manufacture glass, smart. Diamond, Safelite and Belron can keep driving that cash windshield price down deeper as far as Im concerned. Any company who doesn't deal in volume will not survive, as they shouldn't. Slowly choke the little man out. Capitalism and darwinism at it's finest.

Re: ags(belron)glasspro

Let them have it.WE will still do our profitable jobs.#'s do not meen anything without profit.It is funny to here the customers complain how they got a quote in january for 170.00 and when they finally wanted to do it in may and it changed to 245.00.They call and ask us,we say bad biz ethics and they agree.Then we tell them quality issues and get 30-60 more.I dont care if they get the glass for 5$,why would you make yourself look like an -ss and cut your own throut?

Re: ags(belron)glasspro

Hey lance,I am a small outfit and can make a profit at 150.00,So good luck big man!

Re: ags(belron)glasspro

Re: ags(belron)glasspro

Lance Storm,

Why are you so worried about the little guy's out there that you say "can't hurt you" and you would like to see out of business? If your attitude and what you have going on is so perfect, then get off the little guy's backs and let them try to make an honest living.

Re: ags(belron)glasspro

165.00 installed. Not very good logic for anybody.

Re: ags(belron)glasspro

This too shall pass!!!!

They are moving too fast and making enemies along the way. It's like DeJaVue

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