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State Farm Employees Must Testify....

Ok, so State Farm does not want its employees to testify because it wants to protect their privacy, because they might incriminate themselves when they testify?

Allright, fine. Question is, was this smart?

Re: State Farm Employees Must Testify....

You have to wonder if it's their employee's they are proctecting or themselves.

Re: State Farm Employees Must Testify....

See Mark1 this is why you have an entire thread dedicated to you. You are just on top of everthing that goes on. If we are ever able to come together (independents)I think you should lead the organization<(spellcheck). Or better yet, let's start a secret society

Re: State Farm Employees Must Testify....

Well, this probably isn't good........

Re: State Farm Employees Must Testify....

looks to me like state farm is trying to distance themselves from the company they hired.

this is a little interesting, how would state farm handle a liability claim with a glass shop, if the farm is the insurer of the shop? since the network contract turns liability to the glass shop, who would then turn to their insurance, who already has a contract not holding them liable...hmmmm.

they have the same pattern in their auto glass contract, i'm sure they have a contract with that company that included wording like ours that holds state farm completly blameless. the money will likely be paid out by the company state farm hired's insurance.

13 million is chump change anyway, it isn't causing anybody at state farm to loose sleep, it's not an amount that will have state farm contributing to anybodys election campaign. i am patiently waiting for this to snowball public opinion though, wonder how much public opinion costs these days.

Re: State Farm Employees Must Testify....

Doesn't the Farm Gross 86 BILLION a year? 13 mil is a joke!! Why are they even fighting it?

Re: State Farm Employees Must Testify....

$13M was the verdict for just one policyholder.

The scope of that case is any other policyholders from that tornado, that the SF hired engineer Haag 'played' with the facts over.

The scope of the current case noted above is the MANY policyholders that SF hired Haag to 'review' the claims for, and did Haag play with any/all of those?

What shall we multiply $13M by, is the question...50, 100, 1000, ect ect?

It's also likely not about the money for SF right now, it's about control, and public image. Both are paramount to them, controlling costs while maintaining the Good Neighbor image they have spent billions on.

Anybody tying this scenario to insurers and networks yet?

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