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Helping the insured

We all know the insured is paying higher ded for their auto glass claims. Why is that?

How many insured's are not educated to the fact that 500 dollar ded will not cover most claims and they will pay the whole claim. Maybe the insurance companies should be required to educate a little and give their customers some insight into the future........just a little food for thought.

Re: Helping the insured


Insurance companies prey on the 'ignorant consumer’ and to some extent the ignorant service provider as well.

They profit off the fact that insureds are afraid to use their product, a "rumor" that the insurance industry does NOTHING to dispel. Maybe they should be required to run Consumer Awareness adds saying that your rates can not be raised from comprehensive claims, or the average vehicle windshield is $300, etc. etc.?

Nowadays, consumers are even afraid to switch companies for fear they may not find an ins. company to cover them. Apparently, there is a new "rumor" that all the ins. companies can BLACK LIST you for switching companies. I hear this everyday. It is one reason insureds simply "put up" with all the crap of filing a claim, etc.

Let's not forget the "rumor" some statefarm agents are telling insureds that "all insurance companies are leaning towards not covering chip repairs". Funny thing is, I have several faxes from ins. companies making very clear that they currently do and will continue to waive the insured's deductible to cover windshield repairs. Of course, I am more than happy to pass a few copies to my customer.

But as I tell customers... until enough of us get fed up and FORCE a change, the insurance industry will continue to post record profits and squeeze all of us, service providers and insureds to death. We get less per job (avg. part down $32 this year alone) and the insureds get less and less coverage for their money.

Sadly we all know most people will NEVER understand what they are losing or giving up, and of those that do there will NEVER be enough of them willing to STAND AND FIGHT the insurance companies.

And you can BET that the insurance industry understands this all to well.

***DING*** another insurance company posts record profits

Re: Helping the insured

Understand it, hell they bought and paid for it. With their high dollar lobbyist in Washington and some fat cat politicians in their pockets, they just make up their own rules, post record profits and make the people purchasing their product afraid to use it. TALK ABOUT A RACKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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