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Payment for tempered 'clean up'

Just wondering if anyone here has been 'ballsy' enough to ask any of the networks for compensation for cleaning (vaccum) tempered glass?
NOW WAIT a minute... of course i clean up all the tempered glass for door lites and backglasses.. ALLWAYS HAVE... AND OF COURSE, IT'S JUST the right thing TO DO.
BUT....What other service industry gives customer's
'free services'?
We get authorization from Networks for "part"/"labor" (TO INSTALL NEW GLASS)/ and 'kit'/ mouldings and clips.
Should not we get a little summtin-summtin from the networks for a service that is NOT written in their contracts (don't know off hand).
example: back glasses; we've all been there, getting all the glass 'dust' out of the customer's back deck. Not to mention glass down the rear side panels, in the 'butt' of the seat, under the front seats, splattered all the way to the dash board, GLASS UNDER THE BACK DECK (having to stick an air nozzle in there to blow the glass to the trunk). and of course...the customer's Duct Tape residue removal..

Re: Payment for tempered 'clean up'

Yes have tried. "Sorry we can't authorizer additional labor for vacuming." is the answer we get.

Re: Payment for tempered 'clean up'

I wonder if "clean-up" on tempered parts included in NAGS labor time includes vaccuming, not that it really matters because most ins co.'s pay flat anyway but a few pay $40 flat & $35 per nags hour. Now I know set-up and clean up time is figured into NAGS labor time for w/s installs. Just wondering?

Re: Payment for tempered 'clean up'

NAGS includes glass clean up in their labor times, Mitchell does not. That's why book time is less than NAGS. That's why insurance companies use Mitchell times cause it's always 10-15% less hours than NAGS, so we always try to get the body shop to include glass clean up (usually extra 1/2 hour) on the estimate and then we bill extra 20.00 - 30.00 bucks to the shop. But as far as a TPA authorizing extra, it would be a freaking miracle.

Re: Payment for tempered 'clean up'

nags adds 3 tenths for glass cleanup, we do the best we can and if the customer wants more they can go to a detail shop which most insurance companies will pay for, look at body shop estimates they get payed to detail the vehicle

Re: Payment for tempered 'clean up'


Re: Payment for tempered 'clean up'

We get it GLASSGOD, you're smart already

Re: Payment for tempered 'clean up'

I'll take that as a 'NO'

Re: Payment for tempered 'clean up'

We always override NAGS labor when necessary. Sometimes it is less. BUt when it comes to many parts, NAGS is simply NOT doing time studies that include vacuuming broken glass, accounting for gutting interiors, things like that. I can recall several of late that we charge a realistic time for the job, including vacuuming.

And you betcha we get paid.

Why do I need a network's approval for something? The car owner approves my charges, and my bill becomes their proof of loss.

And ya know what?

Some of 'dem udder guyz ain't vaccin' dat glass up neither!

The best to date is spray white grease filling the bottom of the door so the glass wouldn't rattle, second best, the guy used what looked like 3M vinyl top adhesive spray all over the top of the broken glass.

Let's be serious here, NAGS isn't doing time studies. Some of these take more time to vac then they allow for the whole install, and some take a lot less time than they allow. Just like the pricing, NAGS makes little sense.

Der's my opinion and ahhhhma stickin' to 'er. (without white grease or 3M adhesive)

Re: Payment for tempered 'clean up'

we have in a couple instances been paid for detailing of vehicles that we subbed out.

one was in a tornado, and full of mud everywhere

the other one had a pumpkin sent through the back window, you can imagine the pumpkin pieces all the way in defrosters and vents.

those vehicles were worse than you run of the mill broken glass, but we were given authorization over the pohne on those.

Re: Payment for tempered 'clean up'

Hey Ralph, was that a ford tempo, cause I did one of those pumpkin jobs once. Makes you wonder how fast the vehicle that the pumpkin came out of was traveling to be able to blow out the glass and go all over like that. If I remember correctly it also broke the w/s and sidelite. Huge mess!!!

Re: Payment for tempered 'clean up'

ho hot for glass clean up
but yes for lifted trucks and gull wing doors i got sf to give up 60 bucks extra for 6 inch lift
allstate 80 additional for gull wing doors on an avalanche
dont be afraid to ask if they say no ask for a supervisor

Re: Payment for tempered 'clean up'

Hey guys ( and gals ), instead of complaining about improper labor times, why not call Bud Oliver at NAGS
and give him the part number in question?. I do, and they will check the parts and make corrections if they feel it is warranted.

The same thing goes for absurd list prices. Look at the list for an FW657ZYN (NAGS $22.40) and then try to buy one for less than $170.00.

Ain't easy !!

Let's quit complaining and do something about it.

It's the only way I can think of to help correct the problem, and it is a BIG problem.

Re: Payment for tempered 'clean up'

IRA, I guess that a big part of the frustration for most of us on here is that we really don't know who to contact for most of these things. That's one reason I try to keep on top of this forum. I have found some really useful information. Thank you for the suggestion.

Re: Payment for tempered 'clean up'

Ira, do you have a direct # for Bud Oliver or do you call Mitchell @ 1-800-551-4012? And I agree with you, If we don't stand up maybe we should shut up??? Naa let's NOT shut up and lets start standing up!!!

Re: Payment for tempered 'clean up'

FW657 lists for $222.40, not $22.40, and even if "Bud" would agree to change a labor rate or list price, which I would like to see proven, how would that help until the next update? Do I call Lynx or any TPA and tell 'em "I called Bud @ NAGS and he said we can charge x, instead of y"? Doubt it.

Re: Payment for tempered 'clean up'

wait wait i have an idea we can all just keep taking it up the shoot

Re: Payment for tempered 'clean up'

First of all, pardon my fat fingers. The list price on the FW657ZYN is $222.40, but I can't find one offerred for less than $175.00.

Let's see now, $222.40 less 46% for Progresive comes out to $$120.10. Actually we would only lose about 50 bucks on the sale of the material. That's not too bad!!!

I guess that't why I won't work for Progressive Ins.

Of course if we do the job for GEICO $ 38% off, we only lose 32 bucks.

I'm sorry, NAGS is wrong!!

Call Bud at NAGS with any legitimate complaints.- 800 854 7030 ext 5483.

Re: Payment for tempered 'clean up'

just clean it up and fuhgettaboutit. maybe you could try to split hairs too!

Re: Payment for tempered 'clean up'

ya right, ya got a hair splitter??? Actually that's why after the fabulous REBALANCE There should be no shops accepting any discounting. from the rebalance there was supposed to be revenue neutral, and for a few short weeks maybe a month or so it was only close, but along came the networks and slowly have been eroding the already eroded pricing. I still believe it will only STOP when enough shops can say "no I won't work for peanuts". To stay revenue nuetral in our area if we went full list on glass. kits and about 70-80 pernags hrly we would have been nuetral. I for 1 cannot believe shops can make any profit with discounting from the deflated nags. In the rural areas we are still getting 20-50 up from nags. But who knows if enough shops keep taking discounts from the networks they will try to push us too,,,, but I will turn it down before giving it away!

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