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statefarm strikes again

This is the second time that a customer has informed me that ,they received a letter from statefarm,stateing,that,the next time you file a glass claim,you must call your agent or the 800# first.You should not have used the shop you went to.They are not on our approved list.Don't do it again.
Sounds like another form of steering.Have tried to get copy of said letter,but customer would rather stay out of it.Call the agent,they have one,i'm told.
I also think that crosses the gray line a little for freedom of choice.

Re: statefarm strikes again

how could you possibly consider that steering, and from your good neighbor? The letter is actually more intimidating for the next time, instead of steering, that will come later. ha ha.

the customers i have had that recieved those letters consider it more of an unofficial butt chewing from state farm. I have several copies from our customers, they didn't apprpeciate the letter either.

Actually from our standpoint, the insurance company is there to pay them for their loss and that is all.

this is another tail wagging the dog situation, i'm sure doctors are asking how it came to this also. we have allowed the perception of insurance to be radically changed over the years, into allowing the insurance to handle the whole process. people have lost their power over the situation and don't even realize it.

Re: statefarm strikes again

I think you hit the nail right on the head Raplh!

Doctors are in the same boat as glass installers...we should all get together and rebel!!!!!!!!

Re: statefarm strikes again

there are differences when it comes to dr.s. i have read that they were promised more volumn to overcome the pricing they were also giving up, similar to the way networks were introduced into glass and body shops.

on thing in our favor is that auto insurance is not written like HMO, PPO policies.

Re: statefarm strikes again

Yep, it took about one week of working here (my first entry into ins game) to figure out why you sit in the waiting room for over an hour for your appt with the Dr., they have to overbook to make any money. I look at the "claim processed" notice I get everytime I go to the Dr. and I've noticed things like "your Dr billed 106.00, Insurance paid 36.00, your provider has agreed to acccept this as full payment....jeez louise! I shall never complain about wait time again. Once a few years ago I had waited about 1.5 hours in the lobby, then another half hour in exam the time Dr entered I was
because I had no idea. I cussed the poor man out, refused to pay and left. Now I feel guilty, I should look up his address and send him a check with interest attached. LOL

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